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TransferSoft Announces General Availability of HyperTransfer for Windows


Native Windows version accelerates network transfers to full line speed on any local, wide and global area network

TransferSoft® Inc., a provider of the most efficient enterprise data transfer software to OEMs and systems Integrators, today announced the general availability of HyperTransfer® for Windows. The native Windows compilation software suite accelerates block and file transfers to full line speed across local, wide and global area networks, and is identical to the original HyperTransfer in terms of performance, security and functionality.

Moving data in and out of a data center, the cloud, across the country, or around the world remains a critical business challenge due to the size of modern files and data objects, and the speed they need to be shared and acted on. TransferSoft continues to provide a reimagined data movement system that transforms data inflight. Operations including checksums, data compression, encryption, statistical differencing, and deduplication operate at full bandwidth with HyperTransfer for Windows while their operation is independent of the latency introduced by the distance between the source and destination services.

“We are excited to expand HyperTransfer’s ability to be quickly integrated into the myriad of Windows-based applications and services,” said Allan Ignatin, president, CEO, and co-founder TransferSoft. “High Performance Computing, Engineering, Enterprise IT, Government, and Broadcast, Media, and Entertainment related businesses place high demands on the ability to move large volumes of data quickly and accurately. Expensive alternative solutions’ slow upload and transformation times have left these industries wasting time, people resource, and ultimately money.”

TransferSoft’s HyperTransfer for Windows software is easily embeddable on any Windows platform. Since it runs as a service on two or more systems, no code needs to be written and there’s no limit to the number of services that may be linked together for a fully integrated data movement environment. Examples of how the software can run at line speed while reducing data volume on the network include:

  1. Speed: In addition to not resending unchanged data, new data to be transferred is matched to previously transferred data chunks eliminating the need to transfer all or part of a new file or object;
  2. Reliability: MD5, SHA-2, or SHA-3 checksums algorithms run at line speed up to 10 Gb/s with no performance loss;
  3. Security: Inflight encryption generates enough keys in the first 100 milliseconds of execution to encrypt approximately 500 Petabytes of data;
  4. Efficiency: Transfers can begin instantly upon first file creation write (or directly to the stream) allowing files to be completed at the destination within seconds of closing at the source;
  5. Small and Large Files: Moves files at line speed independent of file size or depth of directory (i.e. with a 10GbE connection, a 650 GByte file will transfer at 1 GB/s. On the same 10GbE connection, a directory structure of 10,000,000 small files (e.g. 64KBytes in size), in 16-deep nested folders, will also transfer at 1 GB/s).

Concluded Ignatin, “In addition to our stunning performance and unprecedented ability to act on data while it is being transferred, we are also the first to offer 100% interoperability between Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X versions. This allows OEMs and system integrators the ability to easily address their customers’ requirements independent of their underlying hardware platform choice.”


About TransferSoft, Inc.

TransferSoft provides the most efficient enterprise data transfer software in the industry – HyperTransfer. Operating at extraordinary speed, our technology is essential for the proper implementation of large data movement, Big Data, and Cloud applications.

TransferSoft is changing the way data moves between systems and around the globe. While processing power and storage capacity has dramatically increased year after year, the ability to move large amounts of data has become a roadblock to the effective implementation of cloud, big data, and disaster recovery applications. TransferSoft has solved this problem with HyperTransfer. This disruptive technology drops into an OEMs existing solution with no coding required, and allows them to accelerate block and file data movement within their existing applications. For more information, visit www.transfersoft.com or call us on 310-909-7788.

Curtis Chan

Curtis Chan

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