Transforming Video Delivery Behind Every Screen: Thomson Video Networks at the 2015 NAB Show

2015 NAB Show
Thomson Video Networks
Booth SU2610
April 13-16, Las Vegas
For the first time at the 2015 NAB Show, Thomson Video Networks will present Behind Every Screen(R), the companys approach for an all-encompassing video delivery infrastructure that mixes on-premises and cloud-based resources to support broadcast and OTT streaming of SD, HD, and Ultra HD (UHD) content on every screen. Designed for traditional broadcasters, new media providers, and pay-TV operators, this compelling new architecture leverages Thomson Video Networks compression solutions to provide encoding of high-value content and high-density compression of long-tail content. Behind Every Screen also includes a next-generation playout infrastructure for channel origination and content customization such as linear TV channel playout, ad insertion, branding, and time-shifting.
Introducing: A Unified Architecture for Premium, High-Density, and Cloud-Based Infrastructures 
At the 2015 NAB Show, Thomson Video Networks will showcase the key innovations in its Behind Every Screen(R) approach, designed to enable media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to maintain their high standards of video quality and to evolve seamlessly, cost-effectively, and profitably as new live video delivery paradigms emerge. Behind Every Screen relies on Thomson Video Networks award-winning compression solutions for encoding of high-value content. These include:
* MediaFlex(SUITE), a unified, service-driven management solution that gives operators unique capabilities for monitoring, configuring, and dynamically changing their channel lineups for both broadcast and multi-screen services.
* Premium broadcast and multi-screen video quality with the ViBE(TM) EM4000 eight-channel SD/HD premium encoder — which includes new SD MPEG-2 to HD MPEG-4 switching features — and the ViBE VS7000 cloud-enabled multi-screen encoding system. These solutions enable a hybrid architecture for deploying services on video-optimized hardware or using software-based encoding running on generic physical servers, virtualized servers, and cloud infrastructures.
* World-class video contribution with the market-leading ViBE CP6000, featuring an unprecedented eight HD channels per 1-RU chassis and a modular implementation of the optimal MPEG-4 contribution codecs for industry-leading compression performance in contribution applications.
* High-density compression of long-tail content with the award-winning ViBE XT1000 Xtream Transcoder, an all-new video transcoder for OTT, cable, and telco applications that enables media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to launch new turnaround services rapidly and cost-effectively.
Virtualizing OTT and Multi-Screen Applications for the Cloud
At the 2015 NAB Show, Thomson Video Networks will highlight the ViBE(TM) VS7000 multi-screen encoding system operating in virtualized mode to deliver all of the economic benefits of the cloud while ensuring the broadcast-grade performance required by todays media environments. Driven by the MediaFlexOS video operating system, the ViBE VS7000 is able to create a cluster of servers, manage automatic load balancing and failover, and simplify integration of new software modules. From the operators standpoint, the complete environment can be managed with a single product, drastically reducing operational expenses.
New: FUZE-1 Playout Infrastructure for Channel Origination and Manipulation 
Thomson Video Networks will unveil the FUZE-1 Playout System, a unique, versatile, and cost-effective solution that takes the channel-in-a-box concept to the next level. Focusing on channel origination and manipulation, FUZE-1 offers a rich set of features for playout applications such as linear TV channel playout, ad insertion, branding, mosaic channel playout, time-shifting, disaster recovery, censorship, and EAS insertion. Based on the Thomson Video Networks MediaFlexOS video operating system, FUZE-1 features a best-of-breed 1-RU IT server that combines advanced graphics, sophisticated built-in automation, and an integrated asset manager with premium software transcoding capabilities.
New: Live Ultra HD Encoding and Playout Solution 
At the 2015 NAB Show, Thomson Video Networks will unveil its newest live Ultra HD HEVC real-time encoding solution, designed to offer the optimal video experience to consumers. The new ViBE(TM) 4K solution complements the ViBE VS7000 multi-screen and HEVC video encoder, which has already been deployed successfully by major global satellite operators as a file-based HEVC encoding and playout solution. With the VS7000, those customers have been able to provide a rich UHDTV picture at up to 60 frames per second (fps) and in 10-bit color. Also, as part of its NAB UHDTV demonstration, Thomson Video Networks will display premium HEVC UHD content protection using watermarking technology as mandated by the MovieLabs consortium.
Company Overview
A global leader in advanced video compression solutions, Thomson Video Networks empowers media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to deliver superior video quality at the highest density and lowest bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through its innovative Behind Every Screen(R) approach, Thomson Video Networks combines both on-premises and cloud-based resources to create an all-encompassing video infrastructure for its advanced ingest/playout, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding, and packaging technologies. Media enterprises now have every key capability they need to raise video quality and reduce cost of ownership not just for broadcast, but also for multi-screen services on every device and platform. Behind Every Screen youll find Thomson Video Networks. Visit
Photo Caption: Transforming Video Delivery Behind Every Screen(R)
Photo Caption: ViBE(TM) VS7000 Multi-Screen and HEVC Encoder
Photo Caption: ViBE(TM) EM4000 Premium HD/SD Encoder
Photo Caption: ViBE(TM) CP6000 Contribution Platform
Photo Caption: ViBE(TM) XT1000 Xtream Transcoder
Photo Caption: FUZE-1 Playout System
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