Translated’s New AI Product Matesub Enhances Subtitling Accuracy, Speeds Delivery Time

ROME, May 23, 2022 – With the global demand for video exploding, Matesub – a new AI-based product from Translated – allows subtitlers to focus exclusively on the creative aspects of the translation process while advanced algorithms handle the most redundant and time-consuming tasks. Matesub enables creating subtitles in dozens of languages faster and more accurately than ever.

With Matesub, AI algorithms matched with powerful WYSIWYG editing avoid the high costs and lengthy delivery times associated with traditional manual processes, creating an advanced subtitling experience for studios, post-production houses, and subtitling professionals in all fields.

The web-based technology offers auto-transcription, auto-translation, and auto-spotting into more than 90 languages, helping subtitlers and content producers communicate effectively to broader audiences.

The amount of content produced and consumed daily by users has reached unprecedented volumes. To keep pace, studios, production companies, and distribution platforms are continually enhancing their translation and hyper-localization capabilities. According to MESA Europe, the global market for audio-video content translation now exceeds $2 billion, with annual growth ranging from 40 to 80 percent for larger media and entertainment organizations.

In 2021, Netflix provided subtitles in 31 languages for its record-setting “Squid Game” and the streaming service announced during a recent earnings call that subtitling accounted for more than 7 million minutes of its content.

“Recently, subtitling has been drawing more attention as studios and OTT companies in the localization space look to effectively deliver their content to more international markets, ” said Simone Perone, Translated VP of Product Management. “It has become crucial for modern business growth. It not only allows for increased content accessibility but enables content producers to reach new potential audiences and have their message fully resonate with them”.

Unlike many currently available solutions, Matesub generates subtitles according to user-defined parameters, such as the number of characters per line and reading speed. It also continuously improves the efficiency of AI models, through human edits made to the machine-generated subtitles.

Users can upload video content in any format and within minutes Matesub provides a complete transcription and pre-processed translation. An auto-spotting feature positions subtitle text correctly and according to client guidelines, triggering user alerts when content errors are detected. Users can review subtitled video content in real time without needing to download any files first.

When a project is completed, a secure download link is generated for sharing, review, and approvals. Every file uploaded to Matesub is securely stored and encrypted in the cloud, and users have full control over who can access, share and edit files.

MateSub is planned for commercial availability by the end of May 2022.


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