Transvideo and Aaton Digital announce new technologies and celebrate 30 years of innovation and expertise at IBC 2015

Transvideo/ Aaton Digital press announcement
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Aaton Digital and Transvideo are at IBC 2015 in Hall 11 on stand 11.F31, RAI Centre, Amsterdam, exhibition September 11-15

Transvideo and Aaton Digital announce new technologies and celebrate 30 years of innovation and expertise at IBC 2015

Accompanying 300 dpi photos show 1) The StarliteHD5 ARRI mounted on the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera, and 2) The CantarX3 recorder with the new CANTAREM 2 assignable mixer fader panel

The StarliteHD5 ARRI mounted on the ARRI ALEXA Mini cameraThe CantarX3 recorder with the new CANTAREM 2 assignable mixer fader panel

Paris & London 7th September 2015:

At IBC 2015 both Transvideo and Aaton Digital will present new products incorporating latest technologies for the motion picture and broadcast industries, resulting from a collaboration with many cinematographers, camera and lens manufacturers and sound engineers. The connectivity of these products with latest technologies and cameras, remote wireless connections, and the ability to read and record metadata, image & sound have been on the agenda of the teams for years in order to develop high-performance solutions.

CEO Jacques Delacoux said: “We have worked hard to establish the position that both companies have achieved in the global marketplace. We are very aware of the strong loyalty of our customers and end-users and we value that greatly. We work constantly to provide them with the best, highest quality tools available to be at the top of their art.”

Located on stand 11.F31 at IBC, Transvideo will demonstrate a strong line-up of StarliteHD monitors including the special version StarliteHD5 ARRI to control the ARRI ALEXA Mini and the ARRI AMIRA. These monitors offer a superb practical display and many analytical features as well as inbuilt recording and playback capabilities.

NEW: StarliteRF: The new StarliteRF, a 5” OLED wireless monitor based on StarliteHD5 core technologies with a wireless receiver built in will complete the line-up of StarliteHD monitors. The entire unit is small and lightweight. It works on the 5.8Ghz ISM band, has an antenna on top, and a Sony consumer battery connection at the back. The wireless video connectivity incorporated is without latency, with low loss and no delay. Range: 200 feet (61 m) Delivery Q4-2015.

NEW: RainbowFHD: In situations where latency is unacceptable, like sport, Transvideo’s new RainbowFHD is a new generation high-end monitor with ‘Immediate Display.’ That’s zero latency or image lag, so no delay for focus pullers, sports announcers. A screen Luminance of 1000 nits together with glass bonding ensures best quality in daylight. Delivery Q4-2015.

A RainbowFHD+ will appear Q1-2016 with advanced functionalities including, LensReader and CineMultiTrack functions and also some 3DView tools for stereographers.

NEW: CineMultiTrack is a reliable focus-puller’s assistant. It measures distance on set, consisting of a main display unit and 3 Tags to be concealed on the actors. Each Tag is about 2” x 2” (51 x 51 mm). It tracks with an accuracy of about 10 cm at 50 meters for up to 3 targets, each carrying a Tag. Tags are small concealable units which include the measurement system and a rechargeable LiPo battery via USB.- Delivery Q4-2015.

Transvideo will introduce these new products at the exhibition as part of the celebration of its 30 years of innovation and expertise from 1985 to 2015.
Aaton Digital will feature the production model of its new CantarX3 location 24 track digital audio recorder, the ultimate machine for the professional sound recordist and for motion picture, location and orchestral recording, with both stunning appearance and performance.

NEW: Also on show will be new accessories, the CANTAREM 2, a USB-connected mixer panel to add 12 more assignable mixer faders and four assignable buttons; the new Modular Bag, and the Sound Mixer Rain Poncho.

CEO Jacques Delacoux, Sales Director Karine Fouque and their teams will be on the stand throughout the show to meet and demonstrate the full line-up of Transvideo and Aaton Digital products.

French Technologies for Motion Picture, Broadcast and Digital Cinematography.
About the companies:

From 1985 onwards Transvideo has been creating products for the film industry and television production. It designed the first professional flat panel monitor in 1990, and since then it has led the high-end on-board monitoring market, including metadata extraction from intelligent lenses such as Cooke/i and ARRI LDS.

Transvideo is also active in avionics with several products used in Airbus aircraft such as the super air carrier A380 and A350, also in the single aisle A32X family.

An Academy Award in 2009 and a Cinec Award in 2010 have recognized Transvideo for its innovation and superior engineering ability.

In June 2013, TRANSVIDEO’s holding company Ithaki acquired AATON, the French manufacturer of cinematic equipment. Since this time, AATON-Digital developed the Cantar-X3, the most advanced on location sound recorder that received a Cinec Award in 2014.


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Karine Fouque

Jacques Delacoux

Mel Noonan
Stylus Media Consultants

2 x 300 dpi photos supplied as attachments:

1) The StarliteHD5 ARRI mounted on the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera

2) The CantarX3 recorder with the new CANTAREM 2 assignable mixer fader panel

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