Treehouse Joins Dodge Ram and The Richards Group in Thanksgiving Day “Praise”

treehouse_logo_blogpostDALLAS—Ram Trucks offers praise for American workers in a stirring, 90-second spot that aired during Thanksgiving Day football broadcasts.

Treehouse Editorial’s John McStravick edited the piece, simply titled Praise, which was conceived by The Richards Group and directed by Bunker’s Warren Fischer. The voiceover, written by the agency’s Sue Batterton, is a poem whose cadenced rhythms evoke the effort and sacrifice of workers of all stripes, delivered with simple conviction by Chuck Schiller, also from the agency’s staff.

The visuals reinforce the words in a seamless montage of misty mornings, busy factories, people going to work and babies taking baths. “Sue Batterson is a phenomenal writer and produced a script that creates a strong emotional connection,” says McStravick. “A lot of the visuals are literal reflections of the words, but the script also left room for interpretation.”


“Because it’s a 90-second piece, we had a rare opportunity to let moments play out, build drama and hang on images,” McStravick adds. “If feels cinematic.”

McStravick and the Treehouse staff put on a virtual round-the-clock effort to finish the project in time for its Thanksgiving air date. Color grading was done at Filmworkers, which shares its facility with Treehouse.

McStravick offered his own praise for The Richards Group. “I’ve worked on many projects with this creative team and, this time, they hit it out of the park,” he says. “They are very collaborative and open to ideas. It’s been a fun and exciting process.”

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Title:                Praise

Client:             Ram Trucks

Agency:           The Richards Group, Dallas. Glenn Dady, Art Director; Sue Batterton, Writer; Sheri Cartwright, Broadcast Producer

Production:    Bunker. Warren Fischer, Director.

Post:                Treehouse Edit, Dallas. John McStravick, Editor; Bryan Bayley, Compositing Artist; Jeremy Besser, Executive Producer; Kimberly Estrada, Producer.

Color:              Filmworkers, Dallas. Matt McClain, Colorist.

Audio:             3008, Dallas. Matt Cimino, Audio Mixer.    

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