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At SPORTEL 2015, Trimaran will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its GeoRacing GPS tracking and virtual visualization system. Utilizing this innovative solution, broadcasters can track and visualize outdoor sporting events, in real time, to improve the TV viewing experience.

GeoRacing has been widely deployed around the world for live sports coverage, having been used successfully for a variety of international events such as the WRC Rallye de France-Alsace 2014, the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Final 2014, and for sailing, the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour and the Tour de France à la Voile. In addition, Trimaran has provided A.S.O. with all the 3D precomputed animations throughout the different stages of the cycling Tour de France for the past 12 years.

Key Products

GeoRacing GPS Tracking and Visualization System
At SPORTEL 2015, Trimaran will demonstrate GeoRacing, an innovative GPS tracking and virtual visualization system for live outdoor sports applications. Leveraging GPS data, GeoRacing produces advanced statistics on virtual timing, ghost visualization, speed information, distances, heading, ranking, and more. When used by broadcasters for live events and replay, the stats enable spectators and television viewers to better visualize the event, increasing their viewing satisfaction.

GeoRacing is the only solution on the market that relies on a variety of tracking systems, such as satellite, GPRS, and RF to enhance media coverage of any type of sport, whether at sea, on land, or in the air, making it truly versatile. The turnkey system can be customized to fit a broadcaster’s specific needs, enabling users to address multiple sports (e.g., sailing, rally, cycling, sailplane, gliding, jet ski, powerboat) and device types (e.g., TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones), including iOS(TM) and Android(TM) platforms.

GeoRacing includes a 2D offering, available on the GeoRacing portal and on apps for tablets and smartphones, and a 3D solution that is capable of producing a video stream produced from Trimaran’s control room located in Paris, or on the spot for an event with live broadcasting video facilities. With GeoRacing, each participant during a sports event is equipped with a GPS tracker, which delivers real-time location data to the cloud. Data is analyzed and converted into 2D and/or 3D graphic representations, which are instantly transmitted to multiple end user devices and available via GeoRacing apps.

Intuitive and easy to use, GeoRacing dramatically simplifies broadcast media coverage of sports events. No dedicated software or plug-ins are needed. The multiscreen system works seamlessly via simple Internet connection on any device.

Recently, GeoRacing was used by Canal+, the premium French cable television channel, to improve live television coverage of the Tour de Corse 2015, a FIA World Rally Championship held annually on the island of Corsica. Through a combination of GPS data and advanced technologies such as virtual timing and ghost visualization, Trimaran’s GeoRacing solution allowed Canal+ to track the motorsport race in real time and better visualize its progression, enhancing the television viewing experience.

GeoRacing’s virtual timing capability enables broadcasters to demonstrate the virtual differences between cars at a precision of 1/10th of a second. Using the ghost visualization feature, they can provide a 3D representation of the rival positions in real time, creating the feeling that the cars all left the starting line simultaneously.

Trimaran is now setting up appointments with broadcasters, online video providers, event organizers, sports clubs, teams, and sponsors at SPORTEL 2015. Contact David Barbosa Da Silva at [email protected] for more information.

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Trimaran is an audiovisual post-production company that specializes in CGI, 3D animation, and visual effects solutions for the broadcast television, cinema, and enterprise markets. Using the company’s innovative GeoRacing Virtual Timing System, broadcasters can monitor and visualize outdoor sporting events in real time to provide the ultimate television experience to viewers.

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