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At the 2014 PBS Technology Conference, Triveni Digital will demonstrate the fifth generation of its industry-leading StreamScope(R) and GuideBuilder(R) solutions as well as advanced technologies that showcase the company’s vision for the future of local television broadcasting, including GuideBuilder DM and the Open MediaHub initiative. The company will also demonstrate products that support ATSC 2.0, ATSC 3.0, and the emerging multiscreen viewing environment for local television content.

Executive Presentations

During the conference, members of the Triveni Digital executive management team will speak about next-generation broadcast technologies.

Triveni Digital‘s Chief Science Officer, Richard Chernock, will deliver a presentation on ATSC 3.0. “The Future of Broadcasting: ATSC 3.0,” scheduled to take place at 2:30 p.m. on April 4, will provide a summary to date of the progress of ATSC Technology Group 3 and its specialist groups toward development of the ATSC 3.0 standard.

Additionally on April 2 at 3:30 p.m., Mark Corl, chief technology officer at Triveni Digital, will speak in a session titled, “Emergency Alerting: Real-World Examples of Safety and Emergency Information Distribution Using Broadcast and Mobile Television.” The presentation will discuss real-world deployments of safety and emergency information distribution systems over both Mobile (M/H) and fixed ATSC broadcast. Corl will provide technical details of deploying a secure, statewide data distribution system that can be used by safety personnel to reliably and simply transmit information to other locations.

Key Products and Technology Demonstrations

StreamScope(R) MT-50 DTV Transport Stream Analysis and Troubleshooting Tool
At the 2014 PBS Technology Conference, Triveni Digital will show StreamScope(R) MT-50, the fifth generation of the company’s industry-leading real-time DTV transport stream analysis and troubleshooting system, featuring the most comprehensive MPEG analysis engine available. Leveraging usability and performance enhancements offered by the new StreamScope platform, broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators can more effectively monitor and analyze DTV transport streams, and comply with worldwide audio loudness standards and legislation to ensure a superior quality of service (QoS) for television viewers. The next-generation StreamScope platform offers an optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface to address the industry’s transition toward a higher performance networking infrastructure. Broadcasters and service operators can directly plug the StreamScope MT-50 into their backbone switch, to ensure or assure improved performance and reliability. StreamScope MT-50 also features sophisticated CALM analysis with triggered recording functionality designed to improve audio QoS and increase viewer satisfaction.

GuideBuilder(R) 5 PSIP, SI, and Mobile ESG Generator
A key highlight for Triveni Digital at the 2014 PBS Technology Conference will be the recently introduced GuideBuilder(R) 5, the fifth generation of Triveni Digital‘s industry-leading, comprehensive PSIP, SI, and mobile ESG generator. Available in a variety of configurations, including integrated servers, software intended for use on customer-supplied servers, Virtual Machine (VM)-compatible software, and as a cloud-based managed service, GuideBuilder 5 provides flexible support for any DTV provider’s preferred deployment approach. GuideBuilder 5 is the most significant revision to the GuideBuilder platform in several years. The enhanced GuideBuilder platform includes updated user interfaces, a Linux OS foundation, and is the core system for the GuideBuilder DM extension. New Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS) functionality for GuideBuilder 5 will be shown for the first time at the conference. Available as an extension to GuideBuilder M/H (mobile/handheld), the new functionality allows for the delivery of multimedia emergency alerts to mobile DTV-equipped devices — such as cell phones, tablets, handheld receivers, and in-car navigation systems — and has been integrated with mobile broadcast equipment from other leading vendors.

StreamScope(R) Portal — MPEG Analysis on the Go
Triveni Digital‘s recently launched StreamScope(R) Portal will be demonstrated at the 2014 PBS Technology Conference. The portable, tablet-based MPEG analysis and monitoring tool is now shipping with features optimized for both cable MSOs and local broadcasters. Through an ultra-personalized form factor and a variety of dongle-based input options, the StreamScope Portal helps engineers cost-effectively perform real-time and file-based MPEG-2/MPEG-4 analysis and troubleshooting of DTV transport streams on Gigabit Ethernet networks and other key interfaces. In addition, StreamScope Portal serves as an engineer’s personal gateway into other Triveni Digital products in a DTV facility including GuideBuilder(R) 5, StreamScope MT-50, and StreamScope RM to further maximize efficiencies and cost savings.

New Local Digital Media Technologies

GuideBuilder(R) DM (Digital Media) Unified Metadata Management Platform
At the PBS Technology Conference, Triveni Digital will showcase its new GuideBuilder(R) DM (digital media) metadata generation platform. Extending the current GuideBuilder platform for fixed and mobile broadcast television, GuideBuilder DM enables local broadcasters to support the complex metadata management and delivery requirements associated with the emerging content delivery environment for local media. GuideBuilder DM supports ATSC 2.0, ATSC 3.0, and unified metadata handling for local station “Watch apps” and websites. Through GuideBuilder DM, users can manage microschedules, triggers, and rich content descriptors that can be inserted into the broadcast as well as delivered over the Internet.

Open MediaHub Initiative
Triveni Digital‘s Open MediaHub initiative will be featured at the 2014 PBS Technology Conference. Open MediaHub is an open-source software initiative that enables cost-optimized content delivery and broadcast cache management in the home. It can be configured within a variety of consumer devices. The open environment for CE devices enables local broadcasters to exploit their key content distribution cost and quality advantages in the emerging media landscape, by supporting applications and devices for viewing broadcast content.

Avisor(TM) Tablet-Based Viewing Application
At the conference, Triveni Digital will showcase Avisor(TM), a tablet-based “Watch app” for viewing local media content. Avisor provides viewers with a portal for conveniently accessing local content and broadcasters with a platform through which they can offer addressable advertising opportunities to small-to-medium business as well as traditional local television advertisers. Avisor can be used to view content from the Internet or an in-home broadcast cache managed by Open MediaHub compatible devices, including previously aired or distributed content such as local news segments, or associated newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, Avisor can complement a station’s live viewing experience by serving as a second-screen enhancement.


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Triveni Digital‘s StreamScope(R) Portal

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Triveni Digital‘s StreamScope(R) MT-50

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