TvStartup Inc. Releases Innovative New OTT Video Management Platform At NAB 2022

The Platform Breaks the Barriers Between Creators and Content Distribution + Monetization

TvStartup Inc. announces its new Video CMS Software, an all-in-one video management system. The Video CMS Software is the next level of TvStartup’s OTT platform, which offers a turn-key solution for video and audio creators to own, launch, and directly monetize their own internet TV channels.

“We’ve truly made this entire system with the creator in mind,” says Brock Fisher, CEO at TvStartup. “Everything you could possibly need to build, manage, and monetize an online video channel is now in one place, giving all creators easy access to large audiences and providing the best experience for their viewers.”

Features and benefits of the Video CMS Software include:

  • Direct Monetization Options (automated and customs ads, subscriptions, & pay-per-view for ad-supported, premium subscription and freemium approaches to monetization.)
  • Custom Live Streaming in the never-before-seen Broadcast Studio (on-screen overlays, collab features, custom logos, re-streaming capabilities, and many more options.)
  • 24/7 Scheduled Programming with flexible ad insertion capabilities
  • One-Click, Multiple Platform Distribution to branded OTT apps like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, as well as mobile, social and web destinations.
  • Video-On-Demand categorization for video libraries
  • Full support for Audio-On-Demand and Audio Streaming
  • Turn-Key multi-platform publishing including syncing all streaming and on-demand content directly to custom branded OTT apps like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and more.

TvStartup’s new Video CMS Software is available and being demoed at the NAB Show in Booth W7406 (April 24-April 27, 2022). The software is presented in multiple packages that have been curated for specific channel needs, all available at special NAB discounted rates.

For more information, please attend TvStartup’s news conference on Sunday, April 24th at 3PM in Room N242 or visit:

About TvStartup Inc: For more than 10 years, TvStartup has been serving the broadcasting industry and has long been the number one channel provider to Roku, powering over 1,500 custom SDK channels on Roku alone. TvStartup pioneered the space in OTT distribution for indie-creators, bringing cable and satellite providers onto OTT platforms as early as 2008. TvStartup is now positioned as the one-stop turn-key solution for creators of all types, allowing independent creators and broadcasters to reach large global audiences on every popular platform from Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV to iOS and Android devices. The innovative platform allows everyday broadcasters to transform their content into full-scale internet TV networks, while easily managing their streaming and on-demand content from a single dashboard. TvStartup makes building a “Netflix-styled” experience for viewers easy so that creators can focus on creating great content, connecting with their audience, and capitalizing their passion, highlighted the 2022 NAB SHOW.

What makes TvStartup different from other OTT service providers is that it delivers every tool that a creator needs, without the extra complexities. Also, every feature of TvStartup’s software is explained in detail inside its step-by-step tutorial series. This company was built FOR content creators, BY content creators.

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