TVU Networks Announces Over 1000 TVUPack Mobiles In Production!

TVU Networks is certainly hitting the live mobile IP newsgathering market by storm! The most recent announcement from the global technology leader is that more than 1000 TVUPack mobile IP newsgathering transmitters were used by hundreds of broadcasters to cover the U.S. midterm elections, which took place on November 4, 2014.  This is simply remarkable when you consider how smaller regional broadcast stations and major national news networks both are benefiting from the offerings that TVU Networks brings! The live coverage of the mid term elections in all 50 states tallied more than 1800 hours of live crisp video feeds from none other than TVU IP news-gathering solutions, which delivered real time video updates to viewers from location!

TVU Networks Broadcast Backpack ENGAlso, let’s not forget that TVU Networks have already spanned the globe in bringing award winning professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events around the world, including the 2010 World Cup, the London Summer Games, U.S. presidential elections, Hurricane Sandy, the 2013 Papal conclave, the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

“We had a reporter going live with the TVUPack from a congressional candidate’s headquarters in Virginia, and the TVUPack was extremely easy to use and very reliable. The setup and delivery of a live signal was much simpler and easier with TVUPack than it was with our tried and true microwave setups. It was probably the easiest live shot we had on election night, and I thought the video quality was outstanding. Every live shot we did with the pack was absolutely flawless,” said Mark Kraham, News Director, WHAG TV, an NBC affiliate based in Hagerstown, MD.

In today’s competitive environment, broadcasters are looking for the right edge to be able to deliver quality live shots to viewers before their competitors and expand their arsenal of tools to get the story first. TVUPack is a flexible solution that enables broadcasters to transform the way they broadcast live news and events and broadcast live at any time from practically any location using existing 3G/4G wireless networks.  The TVUPack starts up in 20 seconds from a cold start and automatically establishes all available wireless connections, giving the ability to broadcast live in seemingly no time at all! TVUPack provides broadcasters with a cost-effective alternative to traditional satellite and microwave trucks. Units cost a fraction of the price of traditional OB vans, and TVUPack customers are able to additionallyTVU 8100Pic lower operating costs by reducing the dependence on expensive satellite links and removing the need for additional engineers in the process. Quality shots at a fraction of the cost – it’s a win-win all around!

Broadcasters heavily rely upon TVUPack because of its simple one-button operation and ability to simultaneously transmit over multiple combinations of cellular, WIFI, microwave, and BGAN, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite links. TVUPack also offers broadcasters TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux+ transmission protocol and smart VBR technology to ensure enhanced resiliency and superior picture quality in fluctuating bandwidth conditions, as well as the ability to transmit HD video with sub-second latency.

So, if you’re interested in highly-efficient and reliable newsgathering solutions, you really don’t have to look much further than TVU Networks! TVU Networks has your bases covered in all aspects of capturing the breaking events during the day – that’s the reason why many broadcasters use a number of TVU’s award-winning video acquisition solutions, including TVUPack backpack transmitters, TVUPack Mini camera-mountable transmitters, TVU MLink rack-mountable transmitters designed for use in production vehicles, and TVU Anywhere Pro – which is a transmission solution designed for mobile smart devices. CHECK THEM OUT AT: They will not disappoint!

About TVU Networks

TVU Networks provides broadcast organizations around the globe with innovative wireless electronic newsgathering (ENG) and Internet broadcasting solutions. Since its founding in 2005, TVU has provided solutions that enable any size broadcaster to overcome the limitations of traditional broadcasting infrastructure, expand distribution to a wider audience and capture and broadcast live video content in a cost effective way. TVU Networks is privately held and is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. with offices in New York, Boston, Raleigh, and Shanghai, China. More information about TVU Networks can be found at

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