TVU Networks MediaMind AI solution demonstrates step-change in ROI and efficiency at IBC2018

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – September 11, 2018 –TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, today announced that the TVU MediaMind solution portfolio is to make IBC debut. TVU Networks will demonstrate (IBC stand: 2. B28) how this AI-led set of solutions can enable broadcasters and operators to migrate seamlessly towards the ‘smart studio’ of the future, delivering ROI and efficiency benefits both now and moving forward.

At the heart of MediaMind is an AI real-time search engine, which from the start of the video production process, indexes all video. Using an entirely cloud-based model, complete with voice and object recognition, live and pre-produced video clips are located and indexed down to the exact frame and are instantly sharable. MediaMind automates the ability for different production groups to find the right content. With cloud-based TVU Producer, different content can be cost-effectively created for different platforms or even audience groups. MediaMind also simplifies the process of transporting video to the studio, through the TVU Contribution Automation solution automating the planning, resource management, acquisition, transmission and routing as well featuring integrated metadata and contribution management.

“The great advantage of our MediaMind architecture is that it delivers ROI enhancement right now and will accelerate this, as the broadcast industry moves towards the considerable financial benefits of ‘smart studio’ AI-led content creation and personalized media distribution,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.

Today, MediaMind ROI enhancing benefits include:
• Automatic metadata generation and enrichment
• Powerful real-time search through indexing video based upon metadata
• Simplifying video acquisition and contribution through bringing the power of AI to all OB scenarios, from video journalists, single camera shoots and multi-camera shoots
• Automation of time consuming necessary tasks such as clip generation, compliance, graphics creation, sub-titling, transcription, translation, etc..
• AI-aided editing can make this time-consuming process more efficient and capable of being handled professionally by non-experts
• AI-powered automated optimisation of video for distribution to all devices and over all platforms
• Enables operators to move towards increasingly granular automated media distribution, leading to personalized distribution of content for specific audiences.

“It’s TVU’s aim that its AI-led MediaMind portfolio of solutions will open the floodgates for how media is produced, distributed and consumed. We will do this through simplifying and automating the processes involved in creating one port that can feed all social media, digital and broadcast channels. Right now, producers hand-craft the multiple versions required for a TV show. In the ‘smart studio’ AI engines, such as our MediaMind solutions, will automate the assembly of the material and deliver it in the most effective way to the target audience,” concluded Shen.

TVU Networks has over 2,500 customers in more than 85 countries. The TVU Networks family of IP transmission and live production solutions gives broadcasters and organizations a powerful and reliable workflow to distribute live video content to broadcast, online and mobile platforms. TVU has become a critical part of the operations of many major media companies. The TVU Networks suite of solutions has been used to acquire, transmit, produce, manage and distribute professional-quality live IP HD footage as an integral part of news, sports and major global events. For more information about TVU Networks solutions, please visit

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