@Twitter Looks to Increase Traffic With Live Streaming


Twitter, in an attempt to boost traffic and engagement, is now introducing its users to the ability to do live streaming through its app. The company stated that it wants to make the ability to broadcast live video simpler at its platform and it has incorporated its Periscope software directly into the mix to ensure that.

The outcome seems to be that Twitter users will begin to forego text updates and replace them with video feeds instead. This move by Twitter seems to be right in line with the growing trend, and future forecasts, that social media had begun the long hard march toward becoming strictly video based platforms. In fact, new research by Cisco forecasts that 75% of the world’s data traffic will be entirely composed of video by the year 2020.

Twitter, like some of the other social media platforms like Facebook, has begun spending on getting original content and feeds from producers, celebrities and influencers. This year, Twitter is expected to invest over $50 million in the buying of original content. Twitter has taken a huge first step toward becoming an eventual video platform by allowing users to now broadcast live video. In addition, the video content can be easily shared in the similar fashion of a tweet. This step, the company hopes, will encourage users to increase the platform’s video content.

Recording and uploading live video has really begun to take hold as the notion of professionally shot video takes a back seat to the millions of amateurs walking around with cell phones. Twitter has been throwing every thing it has on boosting its user engagement and attracting new users so as to increase its advertising revenue. Integrating Periscope into the platform will likely mean that the Periscope platform will be no more.

It remains for Twitter to play out this move. They need to see how this new strategy holds up against their two main rivals of Facebook and Instagram. Both of those social media giants offer live video applications and both have larger user bases than Twitter.

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