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Two powerful words: Thank You!


The 2016 Broadcast Beat Crew celebrating a successful NAB Show.

Make it your tradition and a habit to thank those who support you in your career. Thank those who give you encouragement or goad you into action.

Thank your teachers not only those you met at school, but those you’ve met at work. Thank your mentors and others who help you, whether you’ve met them through an online discussion group or industry function. Thank those who have given you feedback on your marketing materials your résumé, cover letter, demo reel, or website.

Thank customers or clients who have given you work. Thank those who help you complete your work: co-workers, subordinates, vendors, consultants or contractors.


Kearney Thompson, member of Broadcast Beat’s crew

I want to thank those who volunteer in various industry organizations that help mentor and guide students and newbies in the industry. I’d like to thank others who devote their time and energy to promoting broadcasting as a career and sharing their love for broadcasting and journalism and their experiences with others. These people are an invaluable resource and wealth of information as well as support.

We should be thankful that there are so many opportunities in broadcasting today. There are many websites devoted to various aspects of broadcasting, including Broadcast Beat. These websites help unite a community where creators can share ideas and feedback, and where enthusiasts can learn more about broadcasting.

I want to thank the broadcasters and journalists who work daily to make the world more informed.

If you are an employer or supervisor, thank your staff often. Employees are motivated by hearing their boss appreciates their efforts.Thank yous are all too rare but can be powerful production boosters.

If you are an employee, thank your boss and employer for your job and giving you the opportunity to work at something you love. It goes without saying that you should always send a thank you note after any interview, whether it is an informational interview or a job interview.

I am grateful to those who have made it possible and continue to make it possible for us to pursue our dreams. I want to thank those who gave us freedom and those who work for peace.

Thank you is a powerful phrase. When someone receives an unexpected thank you it makes him think of you in a positive way. You can’t say thank you enough.  And it costs you nothing.

Remember to thank those who have helped and supported you. Giving thanks is a good idea at any time. A little appreciation is always appreciated.


About the Author
Pamela Kleibrink Thompson is an internationally-acclaimed recruiter, career coach and animation veteran (production manager on The Simpsons, ink and paint supervisor on Paramount’s animated feature Bebe’s Kids.)   Pamela is a popular speaker at colleges, film festivals and entertainment industry conferences around the world.  She has presented courses at SIGGRAPH in San Diego, Boston, and Los Angeles; was the commencement speaker at Art Institute of Tampa, and taught the Career Realities course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.  Pamela was named one of the Top Ten Recruiters by Animation Magazine and  has worked with clients around the world such as Disney Feature Animation, Technicolor in Beijing, Framestore in London, and Lucas Animation in Singapore.  She has written for over 100 publications including Computer Graphics, Animation Magazine, Broadcast Beat, U.S. Art, Media History Digest, Apple Directions, Art Business News, Idaho Arts Quarterly, and Animation World Network.  You can reach her at [email protected].

Pamela Thompson
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