Tyrell Brings its 23 Years of Experience to Tyrell Cloud with New Market-Leading Cost Certainty and Fresh Applications

Having launched Tyrell Cloud at MPTS 2022, and following a highly successful year of sustained growth, this show sees Tyrell introducing new cost certainties via its AWS expertise and vendor relationships. The company is also revealing new service offers via Tyrell Cloud.

One of the key concerns customers have voiced across the industry about cloud use is the inadvertent spiralling of costs and how much using AWS, for example, will actually be in reality. Tyrell has spent the last year adapting its backend architecture, using its AWS expertise, to create a simple-to-use method of very accurately predicting usage costs.

Dan Muchmore, Sales and Marketing Director at Tyrell, said, “There’s no doubt that some people have been hesitant about using the cloud because of the talk of costs, especially egress. Tyrell Cloud now provides an industry-leading solution to the cost problem that no media and entertainment vendor, nor even AWS, can answer: ‘How much will this really cost me?’ Customers can now know exactly how much a given service – or suite of services – will cost by our technology accessing that information live from AWS while combining this with each specific vendor’s unique licensing model on Tyrell Cloud. This then produces a per-day (eight hours) or per-month (21 days) accurate cost, based on customer parameters. This means they benefit from the inherent flexibility and scalability provided by Tyrell Cloud and, with absolute confidence, know how much they will pay. It’s our AWS experience and close vendor relationships that allow us to do this.”

These close vendor relationships and Tyrell Cloud’s capability means that Tyrell is now able to provide customers with hourly billing rather than annual license fee charges for certain products. Tyrell Cloud is the first platform worldwide to have hourly billing for Cinedeck and its video ingest service is easily scalable in either direction as customer needs evolve.

This is also made possible by the expansion of Tyrell Cloud Capture. As well as being central to new pricing certainty, the application now benefits from greatly enhanced flexibility with users able to simply key in the IP address of a given SRT stream and have the choice of where that’s directed to, be it Cinedeck, Sienna or V-Mix, as examples.

Tyrell is also announcing the availability of two additional applications on Tyrell Cloud, both accelerated file transfer solutions: Jetstream and MASV.IO. The former is directly available and uses a fixed monthly cost model or customers can opt for a usage-based model with MASV. MASV is a SAAS option, which can transfer into Tyrell Cloud.

Muchmore added, “We’ve seen many customers do not fully understand egress costs or how to create workflows that avoid unnecessary expense and, as a result, we’re now providing cloud consultancy services alongside bespoke project work. Excessive egress costs are, in reality, a bit of fallacy because it’s really about architecting efficient workflows, both technologically and financially. The benefits of the cloud are clear across multiple use cases, often in combination with on-premise technologies. While the technical elegance of Tyrell Cloud is clear for all to see, there has been, and is still, real concern about cloud costs. We understand this and have now removed this concern via the work we have done using our AWS expertise, combined with our overall market understanding. Customers know what they are getting and exactly what they will be paying for it.

“The demand for cloud use is increasing and the market is crying out for cloud-capable system integrators who also understand media. We are using our 23 years of experience in on-premise system integration, workflow design and advance cloud expertise, alongside our formidable cost estimation and automation toolsets, to create cloud solutions tailored to each customer.”

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