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Unified Video Technologies Powers Interactive, Second Screen FIFA World Cup Broadcasts for Televisa


UNIV’s iVE platform enables Mexico’s largest broadcasters to power a thrilling interactive video experience on mobile devices

Miami, Florida – June 11, 2014 — Unified Video Technologies (UNIV), a provider of complete media ecosystems and software services for broadcasters, enterprises and the entertainment industry, is bringing fans in Mexico closer to the FIFA World Cup action with its interactive iVE second screen platformGrupo Televisa (NYSE; TV), the largest media conglomerate in Latin America, will use iVE to power live broadcasts of World Cup games and events using a 360-degree surround, interactive video experience to viewers at home or on the move.

Grupo Televisa will live-stream the games via iVE live from Brazil.  The interactive surround capability will enable audiences to experience the thrill of being there, following the action on the field through the iVE second screen app on iOS mobile devices.  By simply moving their devices through space using iVE, viewers will be able to navigate and enjoy an engrossing physical experience of being onsite. 

iOS and Web users can head to the App Store and search for “surround video” to download the app and enjoy the iVE experience.

“Fans of the Mexican National Soccer Team in Mexico will achieve an unprecedented live sports experience using this interactive, second screen service, leveraging cutting-edge live and on-demand OTT technology to customize their own point of view through a close and personal experience,” said Elias Rodriguez, General Director of Operations, Grupo Televisa. 

iVE uses unique multi-lens cameras to capture live events, including sports and entertainment, from a variety of viewpoints.  The service then stitches the video and renders it to create a fully interactive, up-close and personal 360-degree first-person experience.  The innovative iVE app enables viewers to create a completely personalized experience in real-time by simply moving their mobile devices. Viewers may participate in the event as it happens or on demand.

The iVE experience is powered through a partnership between UNIV and yellowBird, a company that specializes in Surround Video production services for broadcast, advertising and entertainment industries.

“Whether at home, in the office, in the car, or otherwise on the go, iVE creates a unique 360-degree, over the top Dome effect delivered via real-time, OTT streaming,” said Pablo Goldstein, CEO, UNIV.  “We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Grupo Televisa and deliver this groundbreaking mobile, interactive experience to Televisa viewers.”

Follow Televisa and the Mexican National Soccer team on the following dates to enjoy the IVE experience:

  • 13 JUN 2014 – 13:00 Local time – Mexico vs. Cameroon
  • 17 JUN 2014 – 16:00 Local time – Brazil vs. Mexico
  • 23 JUN 2014 – 17:00 Local time – Croatia vs. Mexico

About UNIV: Challenging the Future of TV

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