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VDX.tv Launches a Global Digital Video PSA Initiative to Inform the Public About COVID-19


Initiative is in collaboration with corporations, brands, agencies, publishers, and spokespeople

VDX.tv, a global advertising technology company transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences, today launched a digital video Public Service Announcement (PSA) initiative to help drive awareness around COVID-19 and to better help communities around the world cope with the spread of the virus. The campaign will enable corporations, brands, publishers, marketers, and celebrities to work together to help combat this spread.

The initiative recognizes that this virus has and continues to impact communities globally.  VDX.tv’s video ads will be translated into several languages in order to reach people across all regions. Additionally, VDX.tv will use the full capabilities of its platform to customize the messaging in each city and provide the most relevant information.

“During this unprecedented situation, we are determined to act and help do what we do best: connect with audiences through compelling video messaging and formats,” said Dilip DaSilva, CEO, VDX.tv.  “Video is the best format for brands to communicate with relevant consumers, and the most effective format with which to inform people across the globe on how to combat and cope with the impact this virus may have on their families and communities.”

The VDX.tv format, which stands for “Video Driven Experience,” starts with video, but allows the consumer to interact with the ad and explore additional information. This information can be customized based on the consumer’s location. For example, the ad could provide the closest triage or testing centers. It could also provide links to local resources from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“We are looking for other corporations, brands, agencies, publishers, and spokespeople to join us in this initiative. To spread the message as widely as possible, we need contributions of inventory or funds to support purchasing paid inventory, and for spokespeople in each country to record videos that help get the message out. I am personally making a $100k donation to kick off this campaign. Our company will be donating all our resources on a pro-bono basis. We have close to 500 employees and the majority will be helping with this initiative. “

To learn more and help with this initiative, please visit covid-19.vdx.tv.

Curtis Chan