Vela 6.0-Version Smart-Loggers Demonstrated at IBC-2019

IBC-2019 Vendor Technology Preview                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Vendor: Vela
Stand: 8.A01
September 13-17 2019

Vela 6.0 Version Smart-Loggers Demonstrated at IBC-2019

Clearwater, Florida, USA. August 23, 2019. Vela, the leading provider of compliance monitoring, logging, and multiviewer systems used primarily for QoS Alerting, AirChecks/Ad Verification, competitive news comparison, analysis of ads on competitors’ channels for sales team lead generation, and clipping of original or transcoded media for repurposing back to air or digital/social media, today announced its  release of Vela Encompass 6.0 to be shown at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This 6.0 release of Vela Encompass is designed to significantly enhance the workflows and operations of broadcasters worldwide, extending the feature-rich, comprehensive and highly-scalable Encompass platform with an extensive set of new features and usability enhancements.

AI/ML – One of the most significant enhancements found in this latest version of Encompass is a full suite of AI/ML tools to enable customers to analyze dozens or hundreds of streams, either on premise or in the cloud, to recognize faces, voices, logos, audio and video patterns, and integrate that metadata with the underlying video.

Improved Content/OTT Compare – For some time Vela has allowed broadcasters to monitor and import content from any number and combination of input types. With this latest version Vela has introduced unique abilities to compare source content with one or many OTT or Cable/Satellite/return feeds for automated detection of where commercials or content have deviated.

Some of the features that won multiple-awards for Vela at NAB-2019:

  • Easy-to-use interface with powerful QoS tools for alerting/reporting of compliance violations
  • Creation of leads lists for station sales teams based on analysis of competitor channel commercials
  • Monitoring and recording of competitive news programs with tools for News Directors to synchronize, view, compare, and annotate with voice/text notes, to enhance their news product

A small subset of the features included in Encompass 6.0:

  • Integration of AI/ML Features and Artificial Intelligence Searching
  • Enhancements to Vela’s unique Content Comparison tools
  • Enhancements to the Notes and Discrepancy Logging modules that add features such as tracking and tabulating political party air time
  • A highly-customizable software multiviewer to complement local, browser, and mobile versions
  • Enhanced audio and video matching and reports with improved accuracy, and partial recognition
  • Support for additional standards, including: SMPTE 2110, ATSC 3.0, OKTA, DVB and SCTE-27 Subtitles
  • Greater channel density with newer, more-powerful GPUs and CPUs

“In 2019, Vela has emerged as the predominant provider of the most high-functioning and reliable Volicon-replacement solutions available worldwide, with an extraordinarily feature-rich and robust set of solutions”, said Gerry Boucher, Vela Director of International Sales. “With increased third-party integrations and Vela Luna and Encompass running on premise and in the Cloud… we now offer broadcasters significantly greater scalability and a whole new world of capabilities. The list of new features above is just a window into the new capabilities that version 6.0 enables”.

Vela’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Ken Rubin said, “Over 200 broadcasters have already transitioned to Vela this year, making Vela by far the fastest growing provider of solutions in this space.  The demand from EMEA for Vela to participate at IBC is evidence that the need for Vela’s comprehensive set of capabilities is not restricted to the US.  EMEA broadcasters seem to really appreciate Vela’s pricing model that includes all features and options in the base price of every system – allowing them to receive fully-featured systems and enjoy a much greater value.”

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About Vela:
25-year-old Vela is the fastest-growing provider of smart logger systems, winning an Emmy® award and Compliance Monitoring/Logging ‘Best-Of-Show’ and ‘Product-of-the-Year’ awards at NAB-2019.

Vela’s Luna/Luna+ offer an extensive suite of high value and affordable tools that capture proxy content 24×7 with live-multiviewer, QoS monitoring/logging/alerting and Transport Stream analytics, integrated with As-Run logs for internal air-check and ad-verification.

Vela’s Encompass adds original quality capture for clipping and repurposing back-to-air or OTT/Social, competition monitoring and a host of advanced features, including: AI/ML integration, ratings graphing, competitor-aired commercial analysis producing lead lists for sales teams, HLS packaging, and more.

Vela products are powered by GPUs on-premise with live-local multiviewer/video-walls as well as virtualized environments and in the cloud – accessible from HTML 5 browsers and iOS/Android aps.  Vela Smart-Loggers provide engineers and station-group management complete visibility and access to their entire station lineup – and their competitions.  With its large US-presence and customer base, Vela has become the de facto Volicon replacement solution in the US and is now in high demand in EMEA.

Vela Contact:

Ken Rubin

Vice President – Worldwide Sales

Telephone: +1 407-506-3600

Email: [email protected]


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