Venera Products at the 2015 NAB Show

2015 NAB Show Preview
Venera Technologies
Booth N5136
April 13-16, Las Vegas

Pulsar(TM) PPU (Pay-Per-Use)
Venera is committed to providing QC tools for every user in the value chain, including small content creators and boutique postproduction houses. The Pulsar(TM) PPU (Pay-Per-Use) solution reflects this commitment by providing valuable capabilities to users wishing to implement quality QC immediately without making an up-front capital investment.

Boasting the flexibility of a cloud solution and the security of a dedicated on-site system, Pulsar PPU makes the advanced QC functions of the acclaimed Pulsar automated file-based QC solution available to facilities as they are needed. Pulsar PPU is a software solution that operates within the user’s facility without requiring the installation of additional network infrastructure. Consequently, media companies of all sizes can leverage Pulsar PPU to perform detailed QC across content types and stages in the workflow, reducing dependency on specialized skills and using existing resources more efficiently.

As users’ content QC requirements grow, they can easily migrate to a stand-alone version of Pulsar. Venera offers a range of options for different budgets and operational scales, and the company has just added Pulsar Basic to its portfolio, thus extending the choices even further.

Pulsar PPU was first showcased at IBC2014. Today, a large number of customers are using the solution on a regular basis.

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New Pulsar(TM) Options and Enhancements
Venera’s flagship product, the Pulsar(TM) automated file-based QC solution, is used worldwide by leading media companies to automate content QC processes from ingest through delivery. Pulsar was one of the first solutions to introduce capabilities such as loudness measurement on files, track layouts, and QC for adaptive bitrate content. During the 2015 NAB Show, Venera will highlight the following major new enhancements to this product.

New Formats
Pulsar now supports analysis of unencrypted MPEG-DASH content. Users can now create ABR templates to automatically analyze different MPEG-DASH profiles with different templates. Support for IMF and AS-02 MXF formats is also available, allowing users to ensure the integrity of an IMF file package.

New Audio and Video Baseband Quality Checks
Building on the solution’s already rich audio and video baseband quality checks, Pulsar now supports the detection of dual mono, flash frame, Harding PSE, and cadence.

DPP/IRT Compliance and Templates
Pulsar now includes DPP (improved) and IRT templates. A significant number of additional checks at MXF, video, and audio levels have been implemented, providing users with a set of reliable templates that they can use in their day-to-day operations.

Closed Caption Enhancements
Pulsar already has the most comprehensive support for closed caption (CC) analysis. A wide range of CC checks including the checks at caption distribution packet (CDP) level are now available, allowing users to check the compliance of their content against FCC regulations.

64-bit Implementation
Pulsar is now a true 64-bit application, further improving its analysis performance.

Loudness Enhancements
Pulsar now includes the presets for OP-59 (Australia) and TR-B32 (Japan) loudness requirements.

Company Quote:

“With expanded options and capabilities, Pulsar now makes advanced QC available to every organization, regardless of its content volume or budget. We believe that the product enhancements and new solutions we are showing at the 2015 NAB Show will help eliminate financial barriers to the use of QC tools and, in turn, speed the industry’s adoption of file-based QC.”
— Fereidoon Khosravi, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Americas at Venera Technologies

Company Overview:

Venera provides cutting-edge solutions to the digital media industry. Since its inception in 2003, the company has continually delivered innovative video analysis products tailored to the evolving requirements of its customers and the industry. Venera’s flagship offering, the Pulsar(TM) automated file-based QC solution, along with its Rapid(TM) add-on module, improves the operational efficiency of file-based workflows by automating content QC processes. Ensuring consistent content quality throughout the workflow, Pulsar is the QC tool preferred by some of the largest media companies worldwide.

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