Venice Film Festival Will Hold First Ever Competition Specifically For Virtual Reality Films


The Venice Film Festival, running from August 31 thru September 5, is the oldest film festival in the world and will, once again, be on the leading edge of innovation. This year, the Festival will hold a separate competition and viewing for films that have been specifically made with virtual reality technology.

The new competitive section will be known as Venice Virtual Reality and will feature a total of 18 virtual reality projects to include:

·  Chromatica (Flavio Costa, Italy / Laura Catalano, Italy)
·  Dinner Party (Angel Soto, Puerto Rico / Charlotte Stoudt, USA)
·  Ice Cave (Maja Friis, Denmark / Sara Namer, Denmark)
·  Dilemma (Camille Duvelleroy, France / Laurent Duret, France)
·  Matryoshka Mon Amore (Nir Saar, Israel / Kevin Molloy, UK)
·  Spomenik (Ivan Knezevic, Serbia / Mirko Topalski, Serbia)
·  The Warship  (Erika del Mundo, Philippines / Jack Weinstein, USA)
·  The Little Black Pawn (Quentin de Cagny, France / Francois Bouille, France)
·  The Neighbour (Romero Rudolf Borgar, The Netherlands / Esther Rots, The Netherlands)
The Venice International Film Festival was one of the first festivals in the world to express interest in Virtual Reality. The construction of a VR Theatre in 2016 and the screening of a series of experimental short films, including the world premiere presentation of the first feature-length VR film (Jesus VR), aroused enormous interest among the participants in the Venice Production Bridge and the many spectators of the Festival. As a contribution to the recognition of Virtual Reality as an emerging art form, La Biennale di Venezia has therefore recognized the importance of supporting the authors who choose to adopt this modern technology and use it as a new means of artistic expression, and has decided that the time is ripe to institute this first competition.
Of the 9 projects that will be developed during the workshop, 2 VR projects will receive a contribution towards production of € 30,000 each thanks to the support of Sony Corporation, and will subsequently be presented at the 74th Venice International Film Festival 2017.
The remaining 7 projects will be given visibility during the Venice Production Bridge, as an integral part of the activities of the Gap Financing Market. For the second year in a row the Market of the Venice Production Bridge will present a further 8 VR projects in an advanced stage of development. There will therefore be a total of 15 VR projects currently under development presented by the Biennale di Venezia.
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