Ventuz Technology Releases New Software Generation at ISE 2016

Munich, January 14th 2016

Software developer Ventuz Technology today announced the official release of their newest software generation Ventuz 5 at ISE 2016, which will take place in Amsterdam next month. The much anticipated Ventuz 5 offers a simplified workflow and higher graphics performance.

After a successful launch at IBC and a thorough beta-testing-phase, Ventuz 5 will be officially released at ISE 2016 in Amsterdam, the main event for the AV technology industry. By choosing ISE for the release, Ventuz Technology is yet again paying tribute to the motto of Ventuz 5: Made for the Artist.

“Our newest software generation was designed to meet the demands of our users, the digital artists, those who have to operate Ventuz on a daily basis”, explained Erik Beaumont, COO of Ventuz Technology. “Many of them, whether from the AV or from the broadcast market, will attend ISE to see new and old tools, to learn where the industry is headed, and we hope that Ventuz 5 will enable them to live out their creativity without any restrictions.”

In order to achieve this, Ventuz 5 shows significant changes in the workflow, adopting many industry standards, such as layer-based real-time 3D compositing, which also incorporates well-known blending modes and effects. In addition, Ventuz 5 features many new paradigms of operation that will lower the entry threshold for newcomers and speed up processes for long time users.

Much emphasis was also laid on 3rd party integration, such as the already widely acknowledged live-link between Ventuz and Cinema 4D, allowing a seamless workflow between the two software tools for quick and easy import and changes of 3D models. Another of these integrations is an import option for Photoshop files, which can now be brought into a Ventuz project including all layers and blending modes. “Photoshop is the number one tool artists commonly operate with alongside Ventuz”, said Beaumont. “This feature promises to revolutionize their workflows, and we have received a lot of great input about it during the beta-testing phase.” Ventuz 5 has also upgraded import options for many 3D formats, such as Collada, 3DS, DXF, LWO, LXO and FBX.

As the entire industry strives for photo-realistic looks, Ventuz has implemented a new material engine, which serves for more lifelike textures through increased performance and by allowing the use of assets from libraries and texture creation tools. Additionally, the software is built on a completely new 3D real-time render engine that features an exclusive shader permutation technology. Beaumont commented: “The new engine allows our users to implement complex 2D and 3D effects without having to keep an eye on performance. With this engine at the core of Ventuz, we can continue to expand the possibilities for creating high-end dynamic graphics during the years to come.”

Ventuz Technology will show Ventuz 5 on booth number H8.324 at ISE 2015. They are bringing along a few old and new partners in order to present holistic solutions and use cases. Hamburg based company XI-Machines, manufacturer of the Ventuz certified VBox, will equip the booth with the necessary computing power. Eyevis is providing a video wall of their OmniShape displays. Four Partners, a creative agency from the UK, will demonstrate their design work in Ventuz and shed a light on the content creation side of the software, while Maxon will show 3D modeling and the before mentioned live-link between Ventuz and Cinema 4D.

ISE 2015 will take place at the RAI Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 9-12.

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Ventuz Technology AG, located in Munich, Germany, is developer of 3D real-time technologies for presentations, events and broadcast graphics. Their main goal is the creation of solutions that combine state-of-the-art technologies with high class design and thus surpass the visual expectations of any audience. A central focus lies on interactive applications.

Among the brands that have used Ventuz for their events and presentations are Microsoft, Porsche, Bosch, Adidas and many more. Furthermore, several TV-stations and production companies worldwide are utilizing the broadcast-version of Ventuz, such as Fox Sports. Some of the best known productions which have been produced with Ventuz are ”Who wants to be a millionaire?”, ”Million Pound Drop” and “Big Brother”.
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