Verizon Digital Media Services introduces Verizon Dynamic Imaging, powered by LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 22, 2017) – Verizon Digital Media Services, part of Oath, and LiquidPixels, Inc announced today they have worked together to bring dynamic image optimization to websites supported by the Verizon Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN). The all-new Verizon Dynamic Imaging option powered by LiquidPixels(R) LiquiFire(R) Operating System allows users to maintain just one version of each image used on their websites — by enabling dynamic image resizing, automated image reformatting and flexible file compression. In addition to improving website image quality and load speeds, the new solution helps reduce the cost and complexity of image storage and management.

“No matter the device, screen or browser, speed is of the essence for web browsing; end users will not tolerate slow load times,” said Ted Middleton, chief product officer at Verizon Digital Media Services. “By collaborating with LiquidPixels, we are now offering our customers — numerous leading media and e-commerce sites — a seamless way to have access to dynamic imaging that ultimately results in performance improvements and enhanced user experiences.”

“Dynamic imaging provides enhanced media and shopping experiences, with more customization and faster load times,” said Steve Kristy, CEO of LiquidPixels. “We’re very pleased that Verizon Digital Media Services embraces the true power of dynamic imaging from LiquidPixels and is providing it to their customers through our combined efforts to keep them ahead of the industry when it comes to creating that ultimate online experience.”

Verizon Dynamic Imaging is already up and running at, the online home of the U.S.’s oldest weekly magazine. The Verizon Dynamic Imaging solution optimizes the website’s images while the Edgecast CDN delivers content to various viewing devices.

“Superior image quality and faster load times translate to increased viewership and revenue,” said John Cary, vice president, digital products, at The Nation. “Requiring little to no work on our end, Verizon Dynamic Imaging has eliminated our need to manage thousands of different images and in turn, has alleviated the hassle and cost associated with image management for our website.”

The Edgecast CDN is purpose-built for the rich-media, large file, broadband web of today – and tomorrow. Thanks to continual refinement, enhancement, and expansion, the Edgecast CDN offers exceptional performance and reliability for the many leading internet companies it supports worldwide.

Verizon Digital Media Services is part of Oath, a house of more than 50 media and technology brands that reaches over one billion people around the world.

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About LiquidPixels
LiquidPixels leads the imaging revolution. Built on open standards, our LiquiFire Dynamic Imaging Solutions integrate into existing Web and workflow environments, enhancing product creation and visualization, while reducing production costs. LiquidPixels makes its patented technology available as a hosted service or via on-site enterprise servers with solutions that may be tailored to each of our customers’ unique needs. If you’d like to find out more about us, we’d love to tell you. Contact us at and follow us on social media:

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