Verizon Media’s 2020 NAB Show Exhibit Will Show Creatives Better Content Monetization Methods


One of the major highlights of the 2020 NAB Show this April isn’t simply the large gathering of industry professionals attending when the idea of engagement is the higher prospect to take into account. The 2020 NAB Show functions as the ultimate media event with the sole purpose of gathering technology, media, entertainment, and content professionals who work in the broadcast industry as part of a collaborative effort for these individuals to gain insight into how to better market their voices. Part of that process involves the implementation and monetization of content, which is something Verizon Media specializes in and will showcase in its exhibit at the 2020 NAB Show.


About Verizon Media



By now, everyone has heard about Verizon in one way or the other. However, Verizon Media operates as a division within Verizon Communications for its media and online businesses. Verizon’s media platform is the easiest way to prepare, deliver, display, and monetize a customer’s content. The platform is built with a comprehensive video streaming service that meets consumer-demand for speed, reliability, and TV-quality viewing experiences.

Verizon Media’s platform is built on the world’s largest, most connected delivery network, which ensures high-quality, instant-on viewing of digital content on every device, every time and everywhere. Multilayered content security is built into the platform in order to keep a customer’s origin server and content safe from potentially lethal cyber-attacks.  Customers ranging from national broadcasters and local content creators are backed by 24 x 7 live engineering support services in five service centers around the world.


Verizon Media Solutions



When it comes to the monetization of content, Verizon Media offers steps/solutions that assist content creators in their drive to better reach listeners. Several of these solutions include:

  • Data diversity (Implementing diverse data signals that match consumer interest)
  • Connected channels (Creative innovation that surprises and delights audiences across the fields of content, commerce, and utility)
  • Brand Safety (The appropriate means of showcasing a brand)

In addition to these steps, Verizon Media most recently unveiled its new Inventory Storefront on the DSP ( The Inventory Storefront feature enables greater transparency and control over where a customer’s ads run. It accomplishes this by connecting a user with the best supply available from premium publishers in the Verizon Media DSP.  This allows advertisers to find exclusive opportunities which include:

  • Sponsorships
  • Homepage takeovers
  • Special packages for Verizon Media’s owned-and-operated (O&O) brands
  • Other premium partners

The Verizon Media DSP can be used to retrieve campaign data programmatically, and this is essential for content creators dealing with programmatic advertising. Now, programmatic advertising can efficiently place a brand in front of desired audiences, but sometimes the cost involves brand safety and transparency, which is something Verizon Media works to asses when helping a user monetize their content through their solutions. The Inventory Storefront offers unique, premium opportunities programmatically to advertisers through the Verizon Media DSP.


Verizon Media Exhibit At 2020 NAB Show



Content is important, and any creative professional understands that the context and quality of their content are what help it stand out. At the same time, quality content can only go so far and if not monetized properly, then it essentially becomes a tragic waste of effort, creativity, and the very ambition the 2020 NAB Show enables when it has over 90,000 industry professionals gathering and collaborating in an effort to learn and better implement better content strategies into the foundation of their brands and the voices behind them.

With only two months remaining before the 2020 NAB Show, broadcast industry professionals from around the globe are undoubtedly gearing up for what is surely an incredible media event. Content professionals will be especially excited to learn and implement the various solutions Verizon Media has in store for their exhibit this April. As well developed and as visually sophisticated any content can be, the next step always follows with how it is advertised so that a creative’s voice can continue to grow. This is what Verizon Media does when tackling content and the monetization methods needed to elevate the ways in which it can be advertised. The 2020 NAB Show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention center on April 18-22.

Visit the Verizon Media exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU3713.

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