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Veset: Makes Cloud Broadcasting a Reality


Veset is creating an exciting landscape in today’s broadcasting world by moving ahead with an innovative cloud base computing infrastructure for your master control play-out solution, as well as, allowing you to manage your content distribution from any part of the world with Internet access.  The Veset frontier is evolving into a very interesting playground of adding scalable cloud play-out servers that supports 1 to 50 channels where professional  broadcast content is disseminated for the viewing public via output DVB compliant broadcast signals to the satellite re-broadcasters and with transport over IP to the cable headend.

The Veset Cloud Broadcaster includes the play out server, an advanced titling engine, and encoder supporting SD and HD channels that meet the 1080p 60fps specification. Supporting all the major video formats such as ProRes 422, MXF OP1a, XDCAM, H.264/AVC, and legacy formats. The output of the encoders can provide up to 4 different  signal qualities such as MPEG2 or AVC. Another key feature is that the encoder can connect to live streams from the studio or the field and they can be inserted onto your channel play out list in real time. The Cloud Broadcaster also provides a tremendous benefit, in that the broadcaster has no-up front hardware investments, the scalability is straight forward fast and simple, pay-per-use expenditure, and most importantly, Veset provides channel signal monitoring and 24/7 technical support!

An Information Technology company, Veset’s cloud-based TV play out solutions offers cloud based redundancy as well. The service is also capable of simultaneous running in two completely separate clouds for super channel backup in case of fail over and the pricing per month is reasonable given the QoS. The list of Veset partners consists of  SoftLab-Nsk, CloudProvider, Cinegy, Telia Latvija, and last but certainly not least, Microsoft Corp.  The impressive case studies of TV21 (an entertainment and movie channel with a viewing audience of 200m and is re-broadcasted by over 600 cable networks), Chaula.tv (a youth 24/7 TV channel which is produced and operated by students with 4 hours of daily live shows to Latvian cable TV, web, and mobile viewers) and Forum Cinemas ( the official distributor and exhibitor of Sony Pictures Releasing International, Universal Pictures International, Paramount Pictures International, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) in Latvia.

They say that “seeing is believing” and a free trial is certainly no better way in accomplishing that!  For more information about Veset go to: www.veset.tv/ A free trial can be found at the homepage! For more information, fact finding, and research about this innovative cloud broadcasting product go to: www.veset.tv/products/ ;  Also, please see the case studies performed at: www.veset.tv/case-studies/ 






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