Vidcheck QC File Analyser Awarded AMWA AS-11 DPP Certification

BRISTOL, UK, 23 March 2015 – Vidcheck, a specialist supplier of software for automated QC and correction of video and audio media files, announced that Vidchecker and Vidfixer, its intelligent, fully automated file-based media quality control and correction products, have successfully met the criteria set out under the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) Compliance Programme and have been awarded Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) AS-11 DPP Certification.

The move from tape to file-based workflows introduced concerns about interoperability between different file formats and products. The DPP has established recommendations for quality control and for standardisation of technical and metadata requirements to ensure file-based video content can be distributed to audiences via multiple platforms.
AS-11 DPP is a subset of the AMWA Application Specification AS-11 written to satisfy the needs of UK broadcasters for the delivery of finished programs. The AS-11 DPP Certificate confirms that a product has met the rigorous criteria of the AS-11 DPP specification, and that the AMWA Certification grants rights to manufacturers to make certain claims regarding the compliance of their products.
Vidcheck CEO Thomas Dove said, “AMWA AS-11 DPP certification for Vidchecker/Vidfixer is a welcome acknowledgement of all the hard work that has made the products so successful already. It’s also an additional confidence booster for those who need to be sure they deliver quality-compliant content to an expanding range of platforms. Our products are the first and so far the only ones to be certified as a DPP-compliant analyser, reader and writer.

“Expecting video and audio editors to be fully conversant with file-based media formats and their delivery specifications is problematic for many. The AS-11 UK DPP delivery standard makes those definitions much easier to grasp, which is why we’ve not only supported the establishment of DPP specifications but developed our technology to embrace them.”

Vidcheck‘s auto QC technology is already integrated with many third-party systems used for transcoding, file delivery and workflow management. The software takes advantage of self-correcting heuristic algorithms to modify original content by the minimum amount needed to ensure compliance. With the added benefit of AMWA certification, Vidchecker/Vidfixer is rapidly becoming the world automated QC tools leader for production and post-production companies, edit houses, large media processing companies and broadcasters.

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