Vidcheck to Make First CABSAT Appearance with Auto QC Vidchecker

DUBAI, CABSAT 2015, 10-12 March, UK Pavilion E3-45 – Vidcheck, a UK specialist supplier of software for automated quality control and correction of video and audio media files, will exhibit for the first time at CABSAT 2015 with the latest versions of the company’s ‘Vidchecker’ and ‘Vidfixer’ products, which provide automatic quality control (AQC) and correction of file-based media in broadcast workflows.

With a huge number of users in 37 countries, Vidcheck is rapidly becoming the world leader in the development and supply of the latest generation of automated QC tools for the broadcast industry. Vidchecker is used by production and post-production companies, edit houses, large media processing companies and broadcasters.

“We are delighted to be demonstrating the features of our products at CABSAT,” says Vidcheck Sales Director Simon Begent. “We recognise the rapidly growing importance of the broadcast industry in the Middle East and the need for automated QC and correction in file-base workflows, which makes it the perfect time and venue to introduce our unique products to customers in the region.”

Vidchecker is a second generation auto QC product that is cost effective, faster and easy. Running on standard PC servers, each Vidchecker can process four files in parallel, and can be scaled from single- to multiple-licence usage. Vidchecker is already integrated with leading workflow management systems for fully automated workflow.

Vidchecker includes not only QC but also automated correction of video and audio levels in a file: including video luma, chroma and colour gamut to meet broadcast standards, and audio peak levels and loudness mitigation to EBU R128 and US ATSC A/85 (CALM) requirements. Vidcheck’s patented correction algorithms are unique and not available on any competitive product or software range.

‘Vidfixer’ takes Vidchecker to the next step by adding additional automated correction facilities and transcode to different file formats, all in one software package.

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