Vidcheck Vidapps-Video debuts at NAB 2015

Las Vegas, NV (NAB 2015, Booth SL5421) – April 9, 2015 – Vidcheck, the specialist supplier of automated quality control software with patented intelligent video and audio correction has launched “Vidapps-Video,” a plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® CC and Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, both part of Adobe Creative Cloud®. This is the latest addition to the Vidchecker and Vidfixer family of products enabling users to easily check and automatically correct video errors without leaving the Adobe post-production environment.

Video for broadcast must meet broadcast-safe parameters, but standard tools that reduce out-of-range video to a legal range can induce visual artefacts, which can mean that editors spend hours correcting those flaws in an NLE. Vidcheck’s new Vidapps-Video uses patented video-level correction algorithms to intelligently correct video level errors in the NLE in a way that does not introduce new artefacts through, for example, clamping. To the naked eye, video quality after correction looks identical to the source material.

The result is that editors can get the visual look that they want, then run Vidapps-Video before render out, confident that their corrected video will retain the desired look and be fully legal.

Vidcheck Senior Sales Manager Howard Twine said, “”Vidapps-Video provides checking and correction at many stages of the production process within the Adobe post-production environment. This empowers users to get technical aspects of file delivery right much earlier in the process chain, which prevents costly errors not being noticed until after the content has already been delivered. The net result is a significant cost saving that is measureable over a very short time.”

”Our customers create some of the finest broadcast, video and film productions in the business, and they choose to use Adobe Creative Cloud to give them the best results,” said Simon Williams, senior director of business development at Adobe. “Now with the integration of Vidapps-Video with Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC in the production workflow, our users can save a considerable amount of time by ensuring content quality prior to render.”

Vidapps-Video is being demonstrated for the first time at NAB 2015 on Booth SL5421, running in Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Vidapps-Video will soon be compatible with other NLEs.

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