Vidchecker Auto QC Integrated with Snell Workflow Automation

Vidcheck, a supplier of class-leading software for automated quality control and automated correction of file-based media, has announced that its ‘Vidchecker’ automated quality control (auto QC) technology has been integrated with ‘Momentum’, the advanced workflow automation, media asset management and resource planning system from Snell, a Quantel company.

Controlling the quality of content for delivery in an increasingly diverse array of formats to multiple platforms is time-consuming and costly. Other QC systems perform the tests automatically, but then require manual editing to repair those problems and then a repeat of the QC processes to check if the problems have been fixed. However, manual intervention to repair QC issues can often introduce new problems that can mean that the QC process is repeated multiple times.

Vidchecker resolves the issue by performing not only fully automated QC but also automated correction that intelligently checks and corrects video – including HEVC/H.265 format – plus audio parameters that people typically get wrong when preparing and exchanging file-based media between post production, distribution and broadcast. Using the latest software technology, Vidchecker automatically takes advantage of multi-core and multi-thread processors to rapidly process multiple files simultaneously and accurately.

Vidcheck CEO Thomas Dove said, “The integration of Vidchecker auto QC with Momentum provides broadcast users with an ideal way to automatically control the workflow of their media assets while simultaneously ensuring those assets’ technical quality and, if necessary, do fully automated corrections. This significantly accelerates the overall workflow process, which in turn enables greater throughput.”

Snell’s Momentum is fully web-based. Content can be made instantly available to any authorised user on the network, eliminating bottlenecks within the production workflow. In addition to its MAM capabilities, Momentum effortlessly manages highly complex workflows. The integration of three leading edge workflow, MAM and auto QC technologies ensures that Momentum can not only handle today’s requirements, but is also future-proof.

“Creating a successful media factory depends on tight integration of a whole range of media management, processing and workflow tools,” said Paul Martin, managing director, TV Everywhere Business Unit at Snell. “We’re delighted to welcome Vidchecker to the Momentum family, giving our customers a great new choice in automated quality control.”

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