Videa Launches Its Automated Television Advertising Platform at 2015 #NABShow

Announces Strategic Partnerships With Seven Major Broadcast Partners, Three Advertising Agencies and Mediaocean, Aimed to Further Simplify the Buying  and Selling Process for Local Broadcast Inventory

Platform to Debut at National Association of Broadcasters Show, April 13-15

Videa, a Cox-backed supply-side platform bringing automation and data-driven decision-making to broadcast television, is slated to debut at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas next week. Videa is currently working with seven key broadcast partners including Gannett, Raycom, Media General, Graham Media, and Cox as well as major advertising agencies including Carat / Amplifi and Starcom, to enhance and simplify the buying and selling of television advertising.

First launched in beta in December 2014, Videa has worked with station groups, agencies and rep firms across the spot TV ecosystem to build an automated television solution that optimizes advertising campaigns and enables workflow efficiencies and data enhanced audience targeting.

For local broadcasters, Videa provides a powerful set of products and services driven by insightful reporting tools to enhance their existing sales channels and bring new sources of demand to spot television. By leveraging Videa’s platform, stations can offer features such as transparent pricing, enhanced data, yield and schedule optimization, and improved stewardship. Videa’s platform works across existing sales channels and offers buyers advanced access to the entire premium TV inventory schedule.

As part of its launch, Videa has also inked a key partnership with Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, to provide agencies unprecedented speed, efficiency and transparency to traditional local broadcast media transactions. As part of the agreement, Videa will be the supply partner for broadcast inventory that will be initially available through Mediaocean’s Spectra.

“Our goal is to continue to make spot television more efficient and more powerful and believe the partnerships we have in place with the broadcasters, agencies, rep firms and Mediaocean are integral in achieving that goal,” said Shereta Williams, president of Videa. “The Videa platform arms local stations with the same capabilities as large networks, helping them efficiently and effectively sell more spot television advertising at scale – something we will continue to do as we evolve our product to include more audience targeting capabilities.”

“The ability to access traditional television advertising using automation provided by Mediaocean and Videa is a critical step forward in convergence,” said Cordie DePascale, vice president, product and partner solutions at Mediaocean. “Embracing this change is essential to success and we are continually evolving to offer our clients a central converged ecosystem. The first step was enabling media buyers to access TV and digital from one platform, and now by partnering with Videa we are offering clients the technology to buy and sell broadcast in the most efficient way.”

Videa is the only TV supply-side platform that provides a broad range of tools to manage sales channel conflict, as well as yield optimization tools. Local broadcasters can now leverage automation and data to enhance existing selling approaches and increase the demand for their inventory while providing advertisers with automation and analytics to reach target audiences with greater speed and accuracy.

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About Videa

Videa provides sales automation solutions and services that are designed to simplify the buying and selling of television advertising. We specialize in integrations with traditional television buying systems and traffic system data, yield optimization and audience targeting. Owned by Cox Media Group, Videa is laser-focused on ensuring our supply-side platform for linear TV is the leading solution for local broadcasters to monetize their inventory in an automated fashion. Learn more at

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