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VidTrans17 Preview
Feb. 28 March 2
Video Clarity
Booth 3

NEW ClearView IP
At VidTrans17, Video Clarity will demonstrate ClearView IP, the newest member of its ClearView line of video quality analyzers and an all-new product category for IP infrastructure use. The ClearView IP system allows users to play, record, and test quality of video that travels over IP networks according to new video-transport standards, and it gives them the option to mix SDI functions in the same system.

Designed for programmers, broadcasters, and manufacturers of broadcast products to use in their video quality test labs, ClearView IP plays or records up to two channels of uncompressed video programming from its built-in, high-capacity storage into a SMPTE 2022-6/7-compliant network. ClearView IP can play while recording using the new IP standards a critically important feature for being able to perform quality testing in a new IP world. Through either automation or straightforward desktop controls, video engineers can perform recording, alignment, and highly accurate quality measurements correlated to human perception. These widely adopted metrics yield perceptual quality scores that, along with subjective visual playback analysis features, help engineers assess the progress of product development, set encoding parameters for program delivery, and evaluate various encoders among multiple vendors.

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Photo Caption: Video Clarity ClearView IP
NEW ClearView Player IP
Visitors to Video Claritys booth at VidTrans17 will be among the first to see the new ClearView Player IP, a high-capacity server with record and playback functions for uncompressed video using new IP-related video transport standards. ClearView Player IP represents a new category of playback servers specifically designed for use in an IP infrastructure.

ClearView Player IP is built for product manufacturers that need a reliable system to record one channel and play back up to two channels of uncompressed video programming into a SMPTE 2022-6/7-compliant network. Manufacturers and programmers rely on the system to subjectively view video for quality or feed the output to a processing engine for newly developed product version testing and encoder prequalification testing. ClearView Player IP systems can also be deployed for broadcast- or venue-based playback when an uncompressed video source is required in an all-IP environment.

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Photo Caption: Video Clarity ClearView Player IP
NEW ClearView Venue Player DisplayPort
Making its debut at VidTrans17 will be Video Claritys ClearView Venue Player DisplayPort (DP), a video server that automatically plays multiple uncompressed RGB video segments to multiple screens in precise timing and sequence via DisplayPort interface. ClearView Venue Player DP is designed for theme parks, live events, staged shows, exhibits, and other environments that rely on repeated, synchronized video playback for entertainment and display.

The high-density, affordable ClearView Venue Player DP offers up to eight terabytes of storage and up to four channels of broadcast-quality HD video on four DisplayPort outputs in a 1-RU device. It boasts a rich feature set, including blend and warp capabilities that are critical in large-dome, curved, and immersive display applications. Users have portable, browser-based control over configuration and playback from a laptop or tablet via IP network or Wi-Fi enjoying an easier way to manage playback on multiple screens.

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Photo Caption: Video Clarity ClearView Venue Player

About Video Clarity Inc.

Video Clarity Inc. provides video content playback solutions and video quality analysis systems for broadcasters, video-processing equipment manufacturers, and entertainment entities that must deliver high-quality video to multiple screens and continually measure the audio and video quality of their products and services. Propelled by market-leading technology, Video Clarity solutions have been adopted the world over by major media networks; leading broadcast-product manufacturers; and educational, government, and research organizations. Video Clarity was founded in 2003, with headquarters in Campbell, California, and distribution worldwide. Additional information is available at videoclarity.com.
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