Video Production & Post Maintain Dominance

SCRI’s new 2013 Digital Media Production Trends Report reinforces the importance of the emerging small and medium sized digital facility in the overl traditional broadcast pro video space.  The recent SCRI survey polled users from a wide variety of sources, including the ProAV Buyers Guide, Post Production Buyers Guide, Broadcast Equipment Buyers Guide, as well as SCRI proprietary lists. The findings shows that almost half of all respondents interviewed classify themselves as Video Production/Post facilities (48.6%) – the leading industry type in the sample.

Broadcast TV (33.3%) ranks second, followed by Film Production / Post (31.1%); Corporate / Industrial Video (26.2%) and Education (16.9% rounding out the top five.

The next five include Internet/Web/IPTV/Telecom; Advertising; Digital Media Production (home-based), Media & Non-Profit.

Ranked next are: Audio for Video; Cable TV, Suppliers / Dealers/ Reps, Govt., Online News, Retail, Houses of Worship, & Gaming.

The survey tracked a host of technology trends as well brand and model shares in key product types – view table of contents here

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