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VidOlink Reacher: VidOvation’s Newest Broadcast-Grade HDMI And HD



If there is a place to find high-quality tech for broadcasters, then it’s VidOvation. With just a ten year record, the company has proven to be a successful and efficient asset to the broadcast industry, and this has ranged from its ability to provide broadcasters with video, audio, and data transmission, contribution and distribution systems that have allowed them to better improve the quality of their content as well as the capability of their outreach for audiences.


About VidOvation



In the decade since its inception, VidOvation has succeeded as a leading technology and systems integrator of video, audio, and data transmission, contribution, and distribution systems for the broadcast television, sports, production, corporate AV, and government markets. The company has featured live-at-home remote production or REMI without frame-accurate genlock and lip-sync across multiple cameras. The company ensures legal compliance in a user’s live enterprise IPTV and digital signage system with industry-approved Veramatrix DRM and encryption.


VidOvation encompasses bonded cellular, wireless video, video streaming, video over IP, encoding, IP probing, monitoring & multiviewer, enterprise IPTV, Verimatrix & Pro: Idiom digital rights management (DRM) & encryption, digital signage, and fiber-optic communications systems. The company’s solutions improve video transmissions through the removal of inconsistencies such as signal loss, latency, interference, noise, and security issues.


VidOvation’s stellar customer service ranges in its ability to help clients integrate custom solutions into existing infrastructure. The company applies proven expertise to the complete project life-cycle — from project consulting and management to engineering and design, to warranty and support. Several of VidOvation’s brands include:


These brands and more make up the roster of success VidOvation has made for itself, along with its line of manufactured products, which include it’s newest Broadcast-grade HDMI and HD, the VidOlink Reacher.

VidOvation VidOlink Reacher



As the company’s newest broadcast-grade HDMI and HD SDI wireless video transmission link, the VidOlink Reacher is capable of reaching 3000 feet line of sight with zero latency and no compression. The transmitter is very compact and lightweight, which ensures an exceptional maneuverability. And this further makes the unit perfect for video assist and on-set monitoring, news and sports broadcasts, UAV, military, corporate and other applications in which typical wireless systems either fall short on distance or are too expensive.

The VidOlink Reacher supports resolutions of up to 1080p60 and it utilizes the most advanced wireless video transmission technology. This lets the system deliver broadcast-grade 3G SDI and HDMI high definition video signals transmitted with no compression and no latency. The reacher has a frequency selector on both the transmitter and receiver, and this allows it to provide users with a maximum of 10 workable frequency channels, which supports up to 4 sets working simultaneously. The system includes a 1/4-20 tripod mount for both the transmitter and receiver.

Additional features of the VidOlink Reacher include:

  • Transmitter Power Options (Powered via 4 pin Female Lemo connector. Sony compatible battery charger also included)
  • Receiver Power Options (Powered via 4 pin Female Lemo connector.  AC power supply is included, along with optional battery options such as V-Lock, Anton Bauer Gold Mount or Sony compatible F950 battery)
  • High Gain Antenna Kit for Receiver (Includes a six-element, high gain, flat panel antenna array with four vertically and two horizontally polarized multi-patch antennas)

Learn more about the VidOlink Reacher by visiting vidovation.com/product/vidolink-reacher-1500-feet-zero-latency-hd-sdi-hdmi-wireless-link-ab.


VidOvation Moves Video Forward



VidOvation understands that many businesses do not have the knowledge or physical resources to design and implement a complete system that fits within their technical and budgetary needs. Having this knowledge allows the company to help clients readily integrate fully customized solutions into existing infrastructure and third-party systems.

VidOvation’s expertise in engineering covers all aspects of video audio and data transmission and distribution. The company and its incredible staff have written many eBooks and User Guides on subjects ranging from wireless video communications, IPTV, video over wired IP and Ethernet networks, streaming video, webcasting, and more. VidOvation’s expertise also tackles applications that include designing an in-goal wireless camera system that is able to capture and record live video of the goal line for officiating and instant replay verification for the NHL and Russian Hockey League. In addition to that, other VidOvation projects have involved providing the Las Vegas City Center with the world’s largest hospitality implementation of broadcast-quality video with up to 1080p resolution through a fiber optic infrastructure. Regardless of how big or small a project is, VidOvation’s engineering expertise is unparalleled in the industry for its quality of work and attention to detail, which is something the professionals in the broadcasting industry will always find a benefit in as it continues to improve and expand their ability distribute content in multiple production formats.

For more information on VidOvation, visit vidovation.com/

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