VidOvation Debuts Automatic Video Bypass and Signal Changeover Switch

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Protection and Keep Alive PKA-2210 benefits transmission applications from broadcast and microwave links to fiber optic, satellite and wireless transmission

Irvine, California – VidOvation , a leading technology provider of video and data communication systems to the broadcast television, sports, corporate audio-visual, and government markets, announces the general availability of their latest product offering, the PKA-2210. The Protection and Keep Alive (PKA) product is an automatic video bypass and signal changeover switch.

VidOvation PKA-2210            VidOvation PKA-5210

The  PKA-2210’s primary use is as an automatic protection switch . The unit has A and B inputs with seamless and automatic switching capability. A primary video feed can be connected to the A input and a backup feed on the B input. If the A feed should fail, the PKA-2210 will switch to the B feed seamlessly using its multiple input frame sync capability. Another feature of the device is the internal generation of a video test signal with a character ID. This can be used to test and identify a video circuit. If the primary video circuit A fails and the B input fails as well or there is no backup B input, the system can seamlessly switch on a test signal and character ID onto the circuit or when it is not in use.

The PKA-2210 is available as a standalone unit or as a 1/3 rack-mount with an optional kit.  The unit also comes in a dual wide card configuration called the PKA-5210 . Up to 10 of the PKA-5210 cards can be installed in a 20 Slot 2RU openGear chassis with monitoring and control via openGear’s DashBoard and SNMP.

The PKA-2210 benefits all types of transmission applications such as terrestrial broadcast television transmitters, microwave electronic news gathering links, mobile and fixed satellite transmission, fiber optic video transmission, 60GHz wireless video transmission and more. Explaining its use, Jim Jachetta, president and CEO of VidOvation adds, “As an example, a major network buys the rights to an evening national hockey game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, contracts a mobile production truck to cover the game, and leases a connection from the Staples Center to the network’s Sports Group in the east coast from a long haul video telecommunications provider. In many cases, the network will want to see if the video circuit is up and running hours before the televised event. The PKA-2210 is ideal for this type of application where the video transmission system and circuit must be kept active when there’s no video activity, or when there’s a need to perform remote diagnostics. Bottom line – the PKA-2210 is built for critical applications requiring the utmost in long term sustained performance, absolute reliability and long product life.”

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