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VisualOn’s Partnership With KDDI Pioneers Use Of Ultra Low Latency CMAF And Multiple Camera Angles For Live Sports



Last year, VisualOn Inc., the industry-proven video streaming solutions provider, announced that KDDI was utilizing the VisualOn Media Platform (VMP) to revolutionize the live sports experience to stream the FIVB Volleyball World Cup Japan 2019, broadcast by Fuji Television Network, Inc. KDDI delivered the first live sports stream in Japan utilizing Ultra-Low Latency CMAF (ULL-CMAF), allowing fans to watch in near real-time and share the experience on social media. In addition to being an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show, VisualOn has enabled volleyball fans to use a second screen, such as a mobile phone or PC, to view different camera angles of the event, synchronized with their television.

VisualOn was proud to partner with KDDI to allow viewers in Japan to get the best streaming live sports experience,” said Michael Jones, SVP and Head of Business Development at VisualOn. “Delivering multiple streams at ultra-low latency requires a deep understanding and optimization of the entire signal chain. As new services, such as 5G, are deployed, this will allow us to provide a streaming live sports experience that is better than traditional broadcast.”

Viewers of the FIVB Volleyball World Cup Japan 2019 will be able to watch multiple camera angles on multiple screens, allowing for new content consumption, such as a featured player chase camera, to focus on popular Japanese players, such as Yuki Ishikawa and Ai Kurogo. Also, fans will be able to view a wide-angle, ceiling camera to see the tactics each team is deploying and the precise positioning of players as the play evolves. This will allow deeper insight into the game as well as access game stats in real-time.

The viewing experience is made possible by VisualOn’s unique stream synchronization techniques, which enable multiple streams to be synchronized on one device or several. Patent-pending MultiStream Sync harmonizes the internal clocks on set-top boxes, smart TVs, PC, and mobile devices to seamlessly display multiple HD streams.

“Providing our viewers with compelling new features, including ultra-low latency and multiple camera angles allows KDDI to fulfill our mission of contributing to the development of an affluent communications-oriented society,” said Kazuhiko Chuman, General Manager of Business Incubation Development Department at KDDI. “We appreciate the contribution of VisualOn to our platform and look forward to driving the adoption of innovative, new technologies as KDDI moves into 5G.”


About VisualOn



VisualOn is a pioneer in video software technology with years of experience working with the world’s top device makers and streaming video service providers. The company’s vast trove of patented technologies and team of multimedia experts are trusted by the world’s top media and tech companies to bring their video content to connected screens with high quality and availability, wide compatibility, differentiated features and functionalities and shortened time-to-market. VisualOn is a private company founded in 2003, with headquarters in Silicon Valley, with global offices in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and Serbia.

Visit the VisualOn exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU11010.

For more information, visit nabshow.com/2020/.

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