VITEC announces partnership with Air Force Academy


The VITEC company recently announced that the Air Force Academy has put into operation the company’s new EZ TV IPTV video streaming platform. In addition, the Academy is using VITEC’s MGW1100 blade encoders, which are carrier grade, for the sophisticated use needed by the Academy’s academic and public demands.

The sophisticated video streaming platform will allow the Air Force Academy, located at Colorado Springs, to more effectively manage its on-demand, as well as live, video streams over its extensive IP network. The new platform allows the Academy to stream, store or share both SD and HD video anywhere and be available to any device screen. The VITEC EZ TV IPTV video streaming platform has been installed for immediate use at the Air Force Academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development.

VITEC has long been a global leader in streaming video technology and solutions for a wide variety of industries including government and military, sports, broadcast, religious worship centers, enterprise and entertainment venues all over the world. The company has seven world wide locations with two in the United States located in Sunnyvale, California and in Atlanta. The company also maintains corporate locations in London, Beijing, Germany, Israel, and France.

Brian Villa, VITEC’s Technical Sales Manager, said of the recent Air Force Academy project that, “The Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD) needed a powerful, reliable and affordable solution to record and distribute the video content that is central to training and developing tomorrow’s Air Force leaders. With VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV scalable architecture, CCLD has an affordable end to end streaming solution that meets its channel needs now and in the future.”

VITEC began its road to a world wide leader in video solutions back in 1988 when it began to separate itself from the crowd in the innovative design, development, and manufacturing, of both the software and the hardware for video recording, encoding, archiving, decoding and IP streaming. As a continuous visionary in innovation, VITEC first brought HEVC compression technology that was bandwidth efficient to the world markets with appliances capable of portable streaming.


The company continues to design and develop products specifically engineered to be adaptable to the needs of any company regardless of industry. Whatever the client is looking for in terms of adaptability is found when it begins to deploy VITEC’s capability for delivering low latency, with extremely high quality, high definition video.

The company’s new EZ TV streaming platform is just the latest innovation and upgrade to the HEVC (H.265) technology standard. It is allowing for both live streaming as well as broadcasting and their H.264 technology continues to be a go-to resource in the appliances coding and decoding markets. It is also in wide use in IPTV solutions for both desktop, as well as mobile, applications including projects integrated with PCI cards with SDK.

For the Air Force Academy, using the world’s most integrated IPTV technology system means that the Center for Character and Leadership Development can get full use of nine channels of both live and on-demand video broadcasts. The Center is now able to broadcast training seminars, live speakers and signage all due to VITEC’s streaming platform that allows for precise scalability depending on what the client’s needs are. The new EZ TV system platform is the right fit for the Center as it intricately manages its IP distribution while eliminating certain cost factors associated with traditional co-axial cabling.

In addition, Air Force Academy cadets are now able to tap into the system via their own computer device, including their cell phone, or through any screen located on campus. It brings unparalleled access to the Academy’s academic and school related offerings that had not been available before. All they need to do is to access the EZ TV Player system that is based in their browser.

The EZ TV system enables network administrators to manage and distribute their video material across an imposing network at AES 256/128 bit encryption. This system conforms to even the most exclusive and demanding of security protocols and standards. The system even allows for the end user to increase their security by being compatible with Active Directory from the Microsoft Corporation. It allows managers to easily access and update dashboards in real time so as to create a truly seamless and efficient overall system.

VITEC has also been diligently working to innovate MPEG technology since 1992 when it produced the first ever MPEG-1 encoder specifically designed for micro computers. The company is now considered one of the leaders in the world with regard to digital video technology and applications.

The company remains an engineering innovator at its core which has enabled VITEC to bring cutting edge video technology to hundreds of companies around the world. They continue to recruit the best from the engineering world to ensure that their position as a world leader will remain secure for many decades to come.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer

Mr. Sawyer is a freelance writer, editor and journalist from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles for hundreds of magazines and news sites on countless topics including science, the media and technology. He is also the author of many white papers, special reports and ebooks covering a wide range of subjects.
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