Vitec Videocom’s Premium Brands Awarded Three ‘Best of Show’ Awards at IBC 2016

Bury, UK (September 27, 2016) – Vitec Videocom, the broadcast division of the Vitec Group plc, continues to gain momentum this year after another outstanding IBC exhibition in RAI, Amsterdam. On the heels of major product launches, three of Vitec Videocom’s brands – Vinten, Litepanels, and Sachtler –earned the prestigious Best of Show Award from TV Technology and TVB Europe.

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Vinten, a world leader in robotic camera support systems, was recognized by TVB Europe for the new Vinten Vantage, a revolutionary new, compact robotic head that gives users unmatched flexibility in the studio. From smooth on-air motion to being camera and lens agnostic, the Vinten Vantage is an ideal alternative to the traditional PTZ solution as it uniquely enables users to choose the best camera and lens for their application without limitations.

“The Vinten Vantage offers all of the capabilities of Vinten’s high-end studio solutions plus it supports the latest in professional camcorders from a variety of manufacturers like the Canon C100 or the Sony FS7. We are breaking new ground and offering enhanced image quality and superior motion control at the same price point of the traditional PTZ,” said Neil Gardner, Product Manager for Vinten Automation.

Also receiving the 2016 TVB Europe Best of Show Award is the Litepanels Astra Soft Bi-Color LED panel. With a new diffused lens, the Astra Soft Bi-Color provides a soft light alternative to the original Astra 1×1 Bi-Color LED panel, mimicking the effect of a softbox in a compact, portable design. The Astra Soft Bi-Color has an impressive output that rates among the highest of soft LED panels with a TLCI rating of Daylight 96 and Tungsten 99.

“The real value with the Astra Soft is the continuation of this Astra family of products. There’s passion in the design and an understanding of how our products are used. The uniqueness of the light is the luminescent quality of the light. This light can match existing colors with a soft, beautiful quality that those with the professional knowledge of lighting can understand and those who are beginners can see,” said Pat Grosswendt, co-founder of Litepanels.

Along with the latest products from Vinten and Litepanels, Sachtler’s newly launched FSB 10 was honored with TV Technology Europe’s Best of Show Award. The FSB 10 is a new, entry-level 100 mm fluid head that builds upon the legacy of the robust FSB family and is a premium solution for on-the-go camera operators working in news, documentaries, wildlife, and more.

The FSB 10 is everything camera operators have come to expect from the Sachtler brand, including rugged durability, a camera support that will last over a decade, and buttery smooth panning and tilting movements for consistently high-quality images. With a higher payload than the 75 mm FSB 8, the FSB 10 can handle up to 12 kg (26.5 lbs) and allows users to employ a wider range of system configurations. The head comes in two versions with different camera platforms including the FSB 10 with convenient sideload mechanism with long sliding range for front/back adjustment of the camera or FSB 10 T with Touch & Go plate for very fast camera attachment.


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