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Vitec’s Commitment to Progressive Technologies #NABShow @

The Vitec Group has acquired Paralinx, a California company known for its high-end wireless video systems! Paralinx was originally founded by two members of the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) , Dan Kanes and Greg Smokler, who both desired to develop affordable, high-definition wireless video tools for our industry.
“When we launched Paralinx in 2012, our mission was simple: to enable filmmakers to monitor wirelessly a camera’s HD recording in real time,” said Dan Kanes, co-founder of Paralinx. “We sought to bring a new level of freedom to video production, an essential link in digital cinematography. Now, in 2015, we are excited to be joining forces with Teradek and SmallHD, other innovators under the world-renowned Vitec Group, to continue empowering content creators with revolutionary technology and unparalleled support.”


Co-founder Greg Smokler added: “We started Paralinx because as end-users on the front lines of content production we weren’t getting the tools that we needed. This acquisition gives us the opportunity to collaborate with the talented engineers and product development team at Teradek and to make use of the Vitec Group’s manufacturing and operational might. We believe that the biggest winners out of this will be the people that helped us get to where we are today: our customers.”

The Vitec Group acquisition of Paralinx now rounds-outs the line up that included: Teradek and SmallHD in Vitec Videocom‘s Creative Solutions unit. Paralinx will continue to innovate in the UAV and independent content creator area, while Teredek will continue to focus on the digital cinema and broadcast applications.
“Like Teradek and SmallHD, Paralinx is another great example of the pioneering spirit that is so important to disrupting the professional video industry with game-changing products and top-notch customer support,” said Vitec Videocom CEO Matt Danilowicz. “By combining Paralinx’s deep understanding of the market with Teradek’s engineering acumen, both companies are positioned to develop truly cutting-edge technology tailored specifically to their customers’ needs.”


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