VR Tracking? Look to Free-d2 by Shotoku! #IBC2015

So the next generation of virtual tracking systems by Shotoku will debut @IBC2015! The Free-d2 brings a new generation of tracking systems which do not require physical encoder devices attached to the camera support’s moving axis! The smart system is based on advanced algorithms developed within the BBC’s world-renowned Research and Development center. The Free-d2 uses simple ceiling markers that precisely determine the exact position and orientation of the studio camera.   The system provides highly accurate and constantly referenced (i.e. absolute) position tracking.  Interestingly, the Free-d2 has no concept of a home or reference point of where the camera is positioned – the system instantly knows its exact location and orientation in all 8 axis.  This smart position tracking data never drifts, no matter how many complex moves or hours of operation the camera has incurred.

Shotoku Free-d2 Camera CloseupThe small Free-d2 camera is attached to the broadcast camera, whereas, it does not interfere in operations, and constantly views the lighting grid area where markers are positioned.  Having the Free-d2 camera attached directly to the camera means that any type of camera support can be used, including Steadicam or even handheld cameras! The low-cost markers are made of simple reflective material and can be placed anywhere within the studio lighting grid or ceiling area- very cool!  Once an initial studio calibration is carried out, the system will typically never require calibration again.  In use, the Free-d2 camera only needs to see a handful of markers to calculate Shotoku Free-d2 Camera and Markersthe precise position of the camera, so obstructions such as lights or any other ceiling-mounted equipment are no hindrance to operation.

“We love IBC, and always aim to put together an impressive range of demonstrations providing a truly hands-on experience for the many visitors we see”, says James Eddershaw, sales director Shotoku UK.  “In this, our 70th year, we are especially excited to be showing several new products across the range of manual, robotic and VR tracking systems, and I’m confident that all visitors, whatever type of camera support systems they are looking for, will find something to match their requirements”

Also, Shotoku will also showcase its line of robotic pan & tilt heads and height drive combinations including the TG-18/TI-12 and TG-27 / Ti-11 alongside the TR-XT advanced robotic camera control systems; the Orchestra Camera Management System for Parliamentary TV systems; SX300 and SG900 heads and the TP-200VR studio pedestal. Visit Shotoku Broadcast Systems at IBC2015 at Hall 11 booth 11.F40


About Shotoku Broadcast Systems

SHOindexShotoku Broadcast Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and marketing of a full range of camera support products with emphasis on manual and robotic pedestals and pan/tilt heads for the television broadcast industry. The Company also provides robotic camera systems capable of interfacing with third-party equipment. Established as an engineering design firm specializing in advanced mechanics and electronic control systems, Shotoku maintains headquarters in Japan with offices in Staines, UK and Torrance, CA. The Company’s robotic camera systems are designed, developed and manufactured in Sunbury, UK. For further information:

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