Ward-Beck Systems of Canada joins RAVENNA partner community!

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Munich / Toronto, March 21st, 2016

Ward-Beck Systems of Canada to join RAVENNA partner community

Toronto-based broadcast equipment specialist Ward-Beck Systems today announced their membership of the RAVENNA partner community. Known for their outstanding commitment and expertise in the broadcast domain since 1967, Ward-Beck now raises the bar still higher by adding RAVENNA/AES67 connectivity to their products.  Initial products with Ravenna/AES67 connectivity include the AMS2-N, (two channel monitor), AMS8-N (eight channel monitor) 32ME-N (dual 16 channel network converter with metering)  MLC8-N (8 channel converter, with metering and level control)

Kevin Lyver, President of Ward-Beck, “AoIP is the way of the future.  We conducted extensive research on the different available technologies and found RAVENNA/AES67 suited our needs and the needs of our clients best. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners at ALC NetworX and the growing RAVENNA partner community”  

Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager of ALC NetworX, welcomes Ward-Beck Systems to the RAVENNA partner community. “With the rapidly increasing industry interest on AES67, an ever-growing number of manufacturers are seeking for fast and reliable options to integrate audio-over-IP connectivity into their products. We are honored that Ward-Beck Systems with their palette of highly specialized products and their enviable reputation as an excellent project partner has chosen to use RAVENNA technology to implement AES67 connectivity into their products. We are convinced that RAVENNA/AES67-enabled Ward-Beck products will further enhance the field of applications for interoperable audio-over-IP solutions.”

About Ward-Beck:

We design and manufacture equipment used in the radio and television broadcasting industry.

Since 1967, we have supplied high quality broadcast equipment to television and radio broadcasters worldwide for both fixed and mobile installations. We have an enviable track record in the timely completion of projects and post installation support. Our clients, major broadcasters, systems integrators & government organizations, select us to develop and supply products to address their specific operating requirements.

Ward-Beck equipment is used to broadcast the nightly news, morning talk shows, the Olympics, major league sporting events, political conventions, elections,  and more. Legacy Ward-Beck products are sought after by music producers and we have equipment in many educational and governmental institutions.  We are audio specialists; our roots are sound.  Wherever audio needs to be monitored, metered, distributed, processed or converted you’ll find us.  Embedded, Dolby encoded, MADI, AoIP, analog or AES digital, we handle them all expertly.

Our history demonstrates that we have the skill and expertise to tackle any problem put to us.  Our products stand up to the rigorous 24/7/365 performance demands expected by our clients.


RAVENNA is a technology for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate on existing network infrastructures. RAVENNA is designed to meet the strict requirements of the pro audio market featuring low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability.

While primarily targeting the professional broadcast market, RAVENNA is also suitable for deployment in other pro audio market segments like live sound, install market and recording. Possible fields of application include (but are not limited to) in-house signal distribution in broadcasting houses, theaters, concert halls and other fixed installations, flexible setups at venues and live events, OB van support, inter-facility links across WAN connections and in production & recording applications.

Unlike most other existing networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy. RAVENNA is fully compatible with the AES67-2013 standard on High-performance Streaming Audio-over-IP Interoperability.

About ALC NetworX GmbH:

ALC NetworX is an R&D company in Munich, Germany. A team of experts with excellent reputation from the Pro Audio industry and in-depth knowledge in networking technologies has developed the RAVENNA technology platform. While ALC NetworX will continue to keep the lead role in the RAVENNA technology development, product implementations will be executed by individual partner companies. Current partner companies include 2wcom, AEQ, AETA, Archwave, ARG, arkona, Axia, Calrec, Cordial, Coveloz, Digigram, Dimetis, DirectOut, DSA Volgmann, GatesAir, Genelec, Infomedia, Jutel, Lawo, Linear Acoustic, LSB, Luminex, Meinberg, Merging, Modulation Index, MTS, Neumann, Omicron Lab, Omnia, Orban, Qbit, Riedel, Schoeps, SCISYS, Sennheiser, Sonifex, Sound4, Telos, Ward-Beck and WorldCast Systems. Interested manufacturers are welcome to join the RAVENNA partner community.

Contact information:
945 Middlefield Road, Unit 9
Toronto, ON, M1V 5E1

Phone: +1 800 771 2556
Email: [email protected]

ALC NetworX GmbH
Am Loferfeld 58
81249 Munich

Phone: +49 (89) 44236777-0
Fax: +49 (89) 44236777-1
Email: ravenna(at)

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