WaterBear and HHMI BioInteractive Strike Content Licensing Agreement

First-of-its-kind streaming for impact platform WaterBear and HHMI BioInteractive, a leading provider of free educational resources for high school and undergraduate life science teachers, today announced a content licensing agreement to distribute 21 of BioInteractive’s educational videos for free on the WaterBear platform.

Launched on August 27th 2021, with a dedicated educational content row, WaterBear will showcase a select group of BioInteractive’s life science films, designed to empower educators and inspire students from around the world. The content being distributed and featured on the platform will include educational films The Great Elephant CensusTracking Lion Recovery in Gorongosa, How Lizards Find their Way Home and Out of the Ashes: Dawn of the Age of Mammals, among many others.

Since its launch in December 2020, WaterBear has been deeply committed to educational outreach, with education ambassador programmes running across universities in the UK. ReScript the Future, a competition encouraging young people to share their ideas for short form documentaries about the future of our world, is the latest campaign WaterBear has launched in March 2021 in the education space. This content license agreement with HHMI BioInteractive aligns two mission-focused organizations that are committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of changemakers.

Victor Eckard, Managing Director, WaterBear said, “We are truly excited to bring HHMI’s BioInteractive educational content to the WaterBear platform. We continue to expand the WaterBear educational portfolio with premium content from around the world and partnering with HHMI Biointeractive demonstrates our commitment to high quality science and exceptional storytelling.”

 “Our videos tell authentic stories of scientific discovery that feature a diversity of scientists,” said Head of BioInteractive Laura Bonetta. “Each scientist tells their story in their own words, so students get to be part of the process of science as it unfolds and hear different perspectives on what inspires and motivates this work.”

HHMI BioInteractive content, which exists for free on the BioInteractive website ( alongside lesson plans, data sets and other teaching tools, joins a huge catalogue of programming spanning WaterBear Originals such as Africa’s Hidden Seaforest, An Eye for Detail and The Breakdown to NGO impact productions and award-winning feature length documentaries Kiss the Ground, Chasing Ice, Watson and Gamechangers.

WaterBear is a groundbreaking streaming platform showcasing award-winning documentaries as well as original content inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. WaterBear members can stream videos at any time, and on any device, all for free, facilitating awareness, education and action.

This content licensing agreement kicks off a partnership between WaterBear and HHMI’s Department of Science Education, which includes blue chip impact studio HHMI Tangled Bank Studios. Look for future announcements in late 2021.

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