Waterfront Studios Transforms Post-production Workflows with Aframe’s Cloud Video Platform

Waterfront Film Studios has deployed Aframe’s cloud video platform as a solution to effectively manage and streamline its post-production workflows with users and partners globally. Aframe has replaced Waterfront’s previous manual processes for sharing and editing content, which were reliant on courier and online services, and has consequently delivered significant benefits including reduced costs, time savings and improved collaboration with users and partners globally.

Waterfront, based in Cape Town, is known for its digital video post-production facilities. Working with companies from around the world, the firm deals with a huge amount of video content on an intraday basis with a number of users sending and receiving content. The sheer volume of users and video data led the organisation to look for a more efficient and collaborative solution to its post-production processes.

When searching for an appropriate solution, Aframe’s cloud-based aspect offered benefits that set it apart from alternative systems. Scenes can be filmed anywhere in the world, with footage being reviewed by editors in a different location, even country, once uploaded to the online video platform.

For Ivan Bridgens, CEO of LaserNet Group, owner of Waterfront Film Studios, this functionality along with the security, simplicity and ease of use were the main drivers for choosing Aframe. “The platform has had a hugely positive effect on our major workflows from day one and we can now manage the dailies in a far simpler and quicker way. Having previously used courier or online services such as We Transfer, the difference Aframe provides in speed and efficiency is very apparent. Not only does it allow us to start editing and reviewing within minutes of upload, we can always rely on the platform being secure and compatible with teams from all over the world.”

Being an international post-production facility, Waterfront Film Studios also often works on projects that involve English dubbing for foreign content. Most recently, a project with broadcaster Zee Television, involved Waterfront Film Studios adding English dubbing to content that was being broadcast in Africa. Bridgens comments on the project: “Without Aframe, the Zee Television project would never have been executed as effectively or achieved as quickly. Editors were able to see the content as soon as it had been uploaded to the cloud platform and work on them straight away, irrespective of their geographic separation. The final versions were then uploaded to Aframe again to be shared instantly with the South African and Indian teams; no other solution has been able to provide us with this real-time functionality.”

Bridgens concludes, “Aframe has transformed the processes by making them simpler and allowing us to collaborate wherever we are. Not only has it reduced our costs now that we don’t have to use courier services, it has sped up our process and also saves our editors, partners and clients a lot of time. It’s really beneficial for everyone involved.”


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