Wazee Digital Announces Technology Partnership With BASE Media Cloud

DENVER — Aug. 24, 2017 — Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services, today announced a technical partnership with BASE Media Cloud, a U.K. company that offers a suite of ready-made cloud services for media companies. Wazee Digital Media Hub now integrates with the BASE Media Cloud ecosystem, creating a hybrid media solution that gives the two companies’ joint users the best of both worlds — Amazon Web Services computing; sophisticated processing and licensing workflows; and a customer-branded, web-based access portal through Digital Media Hub, paired with cost-effective, regionalized virtual-private-cloud storage, delivery, and postproduction services through BASE Media Cloud. The solution is intended for media owners and rights holders in any industry that regularly distribute large amounts of content and are looking for a more affordable means of delivery.

“A growing number of our customers are operating in rights ownership and broadcast distribution. We see a great fit between Wazee Digital and BASE Media Cloud to provide branded, self-service portals for these companies, enabling them to deliver, sell, and monetize their content without an intermediary facility or slow, clunky manual-distribution workflows,” said Ben Foakes, managing director, BASE Media Cloud. “By leveraging our managed cloud services, our customers are seeing huge cost savings compared with the more traditional, physical management of content. Wazee Digital’s heritage and reputation for high-quality media asset management, licensing, and distribution services make it an ideal SaaS partner for BASE Media Cloud as we continue to grow our services in live events and broadcast distribution.”

Digital Media Hub is a powerful, centralized, web-based solution that allows video content to be captured and made immediately available for global publishing. Through Digital Media Hub’s web-based user interface, customers can acquire, enhance, and distribute media gleaned from production, postproduction, and even live-event environments. Digital Media Hub is powered by Wazee Digital Core, the company’s enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) asset management platform built specifically for the cloud, through which users can search, manage, and monetize digital content in the cloud. Content is captured and ingested directly into Core in near-real time, and once the content enters Core, users can begin working with it in Digital Media Hub immediately and/or publish it to different endpoints, such as YouTube and Facebook.

BASE Media Cloud provides a collection of cutting-edge cloud storage and media software tools — such as cloud storage, file transfer, transcoding, and BeBop cloud editing — which the company offers to meet the increasing challenges brought about by the rising volumes of media files being acquired, processed, and delivered throughout the media-production process.

The integration between the two platforms yields a completely cloud-native joint solution wherein Digital Media Hub interfaces with BASE Media Cloud’s local, virtual-private-cloud storage and cost-effective Aspera Files delivery mechanism. In the new workflow, media ingest, selection, processing, publishing, and (optionally) licensing take place through Digital Media Hub, but private-cloud storage, package metadata upload, and high-speed Aspera delivery take place through BASE Media Cloud. The result is that the two companies’ joint users will be able to deliver multiple terabytes of content around the world at reduced cost, all controlled via Digital Media Hub’s web interface.

“Our customers are always looking to be able to interface to other solutions to expand their workflows in the cloud. BASE Media Cloud made for a good partner because, like Wazee Digital, its founding team has a long history in high-end sports production and postproduction, having worked across everything from Royal Ascot and Red Bull Air Race to Formula One over the years,” said Mike Arthur, Wazee Digital’s vice president of sports and live events. “This new collaboration brings together our collective knowledge and experience within the live events and broadcast distribution market to create something we know all our customers are looking for: easy-to-use, cost-effective content distribution. Even better, our joint design allows flexible, modular services to be added in the future.”

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About BASE Media Cloud
To meet the increasing challenges brought about by the rising volumes of media files being acquired, processed and delivered throughout the media production process, BASE Media Cloud offers a suite of ready-made cloud services comprising media storage, media asset management, transcoding, cloud editing, file transfer and content distribution. The scalable, managed cloud services are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, reducing its media customers’ capital expenditure and operational costs, whilst adjusting to flexible production budgets. BASE Media Cloud was launched in 2015 by postproduction specialist, Ben Foakes. The company has since gone on to service multiple clients across the digital media market, including online production companies, post facilities, broadcasters, brands and agencies. In 2016 BASE Media Cloud was a finalist at both the TVB Europe Awards and UKIT Awards for innovation in live broadcast and best use of cloud services, and the team were proud to be joint winners with Aspera (an IBM Company) at the prestigious 2016 IABM Design & Innovation Awards for best alternative service, recognized for providing ground-breaking Aspera Files distribution and storage services to global electric vehicle racing series, Formula E.

About Wazee Digital
Wazee Digital enables rights holders to monetize and enrich their valuable content. Wazee Digital’s scalable solutions provide complete control over content so that assets reach their rightful audiences around the globe. It is the only asset management solution built from the ground up to run natively in the cloud, and the only one to make live moments available immediately for global publishing, syndication, advertising, and sponsorship. With more than 10 years of experience in digital content licensing, rights, and clearances, Wazee Digital has long-standing relationships with significant rights holders in the film, TV, sports, and advertising industries — all of whom rely on Wazee Digital for managing content that fuels their business.

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