Wazee Digital seals Sony Pictures through 2017


Wazee Digital recently announced that it has extended its association with Sony Pictures through the end of 2017. The company announced that Sony Pictures Post Production Services will be extending their long standing association and alliance with Wazee Digital for another year.

Sony Pictures has been working in tandem with Denver based Wazee Digital to manage, as well as, store and view its massive database of feature films. Wazee Digital’s metadata processing technology allows Sony Pictures to be able to also manage other assets aside from their feature length films to include stock footage, and selected clips with granular specificity.

Wazee Digital provides media asset management solutions in a cloud native environment which allows Wazee Digital to bring all of its other services to clients. Other services include both their Live Event Services and Commerce divisions. Their Live Event Services, in particular, can make any live event immediate to the world at large with publishing, sponsorships and syndication.

Sony Pictures Post Production Services has been with Wazee Digital for the last half dozen years. During that time, Sony’s metadata technicians and analysts have been using the company’s Core program to manage the huge inventory that comprises such an entertainment industry giant as Sony Pictures. Wazee Digital’s Core program has allowed the Sony Pictures technicians to initialize time based metadata for the large inventory of Sony feature films that Sony Pictures needs to use to maintain and deliver licensing requests.

Wazee Digital’s CEO, Harry Morris, said of the renewed alliance that, “Sony Pictures has been a loyal client of Wazee Digital’s for many years and it’s an honor that a film studio of Sony Pictures’ stature has relied on our technology for so long to store, view and edit content metadata enhancement and distribution.”


Wazee Digital works with clients and rightsholders to monetize their current content. Wazee Digital provides solutions for companies that can be scaled according to what each client needs done. It allows them to retain control of their assets and properties so that their content gets to their rightful audiences all around the world. Wazee Digital’s asset management system was built so as to operate in the cloud and they are the only company that can allow for immediate availability with regard to global publication, syndication and advertising of any live event.

Sony Pictures Post Production Services is located in Culver City, California, and is a seasoned operation that has skilled professionals who know exactly what filmmakers will need done with regard to post production work. They are the largest post production service company of its kind in Southern California and one of the most respected in the world. The company has five feature mixing stages as well as a scoring stage, five television mixing stages, three ADR stages, DVD audio restoration facilities, three Foley stages and sound mixing rooms along with digital work stations, sound and picture editing facilities, and transfer services for both video and film.


Sony Pictures Post Production Services is geared toward both the major feature film productions as well as small and independently made films. Their scoring has been world renowned for many years and they are highly skilled and experienced with regard to television shows and made for TV films.

“Sony Pictures’,” said Morris, “continued use of the tools within Wazee Digital Core to create, capture and augment granular metadata makes its titles more easily discoverable, streamlines its licensing operations, simplifies its contractual compliance, and widens its market reach. It’s a valuable example of how Wazee Digital can help companies like Sony Pictures make the most of their high value content.”

-Written by Kevin Sawyer

Mr. Sawyer is a freelance writer, editor and journalist from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles for hundreds of magazines and news sites on countless topics including science, the media and technology. He is also the author of many white papers, special reports and ebooks covering a wide range of subjects.
Kevin Sawyer
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