WCP Media Services Helps Rome’s Cinecittà Studios Deliver Fellini Film Via the Cloud

WCP Logo2TB of digital files sent securely and effortlessly from Rome to Paris.

LUGANO, Switzerland— Cinecittà Studios recently used WCPMedia Services’ cloud-based digital asset management platform WCPApp to send high resolution scans of Federico Fellini’s 1985 comic masterpiece Ginger and Fred to Paris as part of a new remastering project.

More than 2TB of 2K DPX files were sent from Cinecittà’s facility in Rome to TF1 in Paris. Cinecittà performed a new scan of the original 35mm negative from Fellini’s film to create the DPX files. The files were used to produce a new 2K master at Transatlantic Video, Paris.


Fabio Filoni, Head of Digital Services at Cinecittà Digital Factory says that WCPApp saved considerable time and costs in the re-mastering process. “The secure, controlled and fast delivery of seven reels of scanned media was completed entirely with WCPApp,” Filoni says. “No hard-drives or tapes were involved…only digital files over the web.”

WCPApp includes such features as secure storage and asset management, automatic transcoding, post production processing, fast media file delivery, archiving, virtual screening room and cloud sharing.

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