What every engineer wants from signal processing equipment

What every engineer wants from signal processing equipment

From a me to you, that is from a design engineer to a broadcast engineer, what I most like to design into signal processing equipment are controls. I design lots and lots of controls that allow you to adjust and tweak the product so you can use it exactly how you want to. You may want to adjust the video gain with YPrPb but your users may want to adjust the video gain as video, chroma, setup and hue. Our products do both.

And our products are very reliable and easy to use; you just plug them in and you are done. They are not going to break, the capacitors on them are going to last 10+ years.

There are all kinds of things we design into our products so that they are reliable. For example, you can reset them back to the factory settings; you can easily get back to factory default. You couldn’t really do that in the old days with a tweaker because there was no indent that defined where zero was.

Our products are very intuitive. If you sit down with the product, you are going to know how to run it in a few minutes because the menus are laid out in a logical way. The controls are identified clearly and are intuitive. However, if you want to look at a manual as a last resort, all the manuals are online for you to see. Just go to our website and take a look at all the manuals that are there. You can see and and learn about all the controls provided for each module them before making a purchase.

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