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Wheatstone’s Strata 32 Will Be Showcased at 2020 NAB Show


With the expansion of the digital ecosystem, the broadcast industry is up for an evolution that only propels some of the most innovative minds involved to further pour into the 2020 NAB Show taking place this April in Las Vegas. With over 90,000 attendees gearing up for what is the ultimate media event of the year, there can be no doubt to be a fantastic turnout of diversity, creative integration, and the insightful progression that technology from a company like the Wheatstone Corporation delivers to the broadcast industry. It all begins this April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention center.


About The Wheatstone Corporation



The Wheatstone Corporation operates in the design and manufacturing of professional broadcast audio equipment. It does this under the WHEATSTONE, AUDIOARTS ENGINEERING, PR&E, and VOXPRO brand names. Several products within the Wheatstone Corporation include:

  • Digital audio consoles
  • Control surfaces
  • Analog audio consoles
  • Networked digital audio systems
  • Audio-over-IP
  • Digital audio editing hardware and software
  • Signal processing for on-air broadcast
  • Customizable graphical user interfaces for real-time control of audio network systems

Alongside these products, customers can find a great deal of value within Wheatstone’s Strata 32.


Wheatstone’s Strata 32



The Strata 32 is an audio console that packs over 64 channels and it has the latest IP audio innovation in a 40-inch frame that fits most television applications. The Strata 32 can also fit in modern households, newsrooms, remote vans, or sports venues. This compact IP audio console has dedicated faders for eight subgroups and two masters along with 32 physical faders that can be layered for over 64 channels.

The Strata 32 also provides access to all resources in the WheatNet-IP network through the use of a powerful touchscreen interface that has an intuitive menu for adjusting EQ dynamics, setting talkback, configuring mix-minus feeds and bus matrices, muting mic groups and managing sources and destinations.

With all I/O managed through the audio network, the board has no limitations with fixed connection points on the console. The Strata32 has access to all sources in the network and any channel can connect to any audio source or destination regardless of the preferred audio format used at any time. This can account for HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, Analog or TDM. The Strata 32 also integrates seamlessly with all the major production automation systems, and it comes complete with an IP audio mix engine plus an optional stage box for extended I/O.


Wheatstone’s IP 64


In addition to the Strata 32, Wheatstone’s Ip64 functions as a digital mixing console that features IP networking and a fully touchscreen-enabled interface that can recognize smartphone-style gestures. The console is easy to operate and the touchscreen interface gives the user “pinching” and other familiar smartphone gestures that allow them to make easy changes. A user can adjust audio EQ by moving a bar graph with their finger. They can even pinch the waveform to make it narrower. Thanks to I/O being managed through the IP network, the IP-64 has no limitations and its fixed connection points allow for the connection of any channel to any audio source by using any preferred audio format at any time and this can range from:

  • HD/SDI
  • AES
  • MADI
  • AoIP
  • Analog
  • TDM

The IP-64 works with WheatNet-IP, which is Wheatstone’s AES67 compatible IP audio network. It has all the necessary broadcast audio tools and controls integrated into one robust, distributed network. It provides network access to all sources in the network, as well as every destination visible from the console.

Learn more about the Ip64 and WheatNet-IP by visiting wheatstone.com/television-products1/tv-audio-consoles/ip64.


About 2020 NAB Show




In just a little over two months, the 2020 NAB Show will begin, and the creative gathering of the year will undoubtedly unite some of the most innovative minds the broadcast industry has ever been honored to have. Now, innovation involves more than simply implementing the right kind of thinking when technology has its own stake in the game. That’s where the Wheatstone Corporation plays a major role and it never ceases to grow with every new product and solution introduced as a means of further expanding an industry that operates on the foundations of creativity, innovation, and the growth of a digital landscape through the integration of technology and equipment that enhances its direction.

Visit the Wheatstone Corporation exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # N3317.

For more information, visit nabshow.com/2020/.

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