Wooden Camera Announces Release of a Reimagined and Redesigned Ultra Handle System

Wooden Camera announces the new Ultra Handle System: a new handle system–which is available to order now– includes a multitude of ⅜”-16 and 1–/4”-20 mounting points throughout and comprises 1”, 3”, 5” modules as well a Right-Angle “Hollywood Handle” Extension.   

Known for creating innovative new accessory systems for the industry’s latest cameras, Wooden Camera’s design team is also continuously re-examining popular systems that have already made their mark on the industry. The new Ultra Handle is a comprehensive redesign of their popular Master Handle Collection–the result of their stated goal of continual advancement and improvement.

“We want to make sure that we are not just trying to accessorize the next big thing–we want to ensure that we are building the absolute best tools for camera people to rely on for each and every job,” said Dominick Aiello, Divisional Senior Director of Accessories at Creative Solutions. “The redesign of the Top Handle is just the first step in ensuring that we put the feedback we’ve received over the years, into systems that support the changing needs of our community.”

The Ultra Handle System features a repeating ⅜”-16 and 1–/4”-20 hole pattern with Anti-Twist Locking Slots that allow the secure mounting of nearly any accessory. The specific geometry of this pattern was engineered to provide compatibility with the all industry-standard locating pin depths and positions: 15mm, ARRI-standard 10.40mm, and the Wooden Camera and SmallHD standard 11.68mm.

Sizing options for the kits include a 3” and 5” kit, with extension lengths of 1”, 3”, 5” and a Right-Angle Extension. These sit on a 3/8″-16 Universal Upright or Front and Rear Uprights that were specifically designed for the Sony VENICE. The new handle features a seamless, rounded design and substantial diameter for maximum grip comfort during a long day of shooting. Each handle comes with Bocote Wood inserts, enabling a surer grip and includes color rings in 4 different colors (red, blue, green and yellow) allowing users to specify handles for different camera identification.

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