Workflow Benefits for Framestore with ELEMENTS ONE


Dusseldorf, Germany: ELEMENTS, developer of advanced solutions for unbounded collaboration in shared media workflows, has announced that London-based post-production house, Framestore, has installed an ELEMENTS ONE All-in-one server and shared storage for its post-production and VFX workflows. The system was supplied by London-based post-production and broadcast industry supplier, XTFX.
Framestore, one of the global leaders in visual effects and integrated advertising with over 600 employees in their facilities in Los Angeles, New York and Montréal, chose the 24bay edition of ELEMENTS ONE as a fast, vastly scalable and easy to use server and storage solution. Together with ELEMENTS’ team of experts, XTFX worked with Framestore’s in-house engineers to design and install the shared storage infrastructure that currently incorporates their existing Avid suites. Framestore’s engineering team plans to connect various VFX suites involved in their DPX workflows via 40Gbit Ethernet in the near future.
“ELEMENTS ONE is the ideal match for our requirements,” states Steve McPherson, CTO Framestore. “It offers an intelligent and convenient solution loaded with features that enhance and simplify our workflow. Especially the Avid Bin-locking and Avid project sharing support of ELEMENTS ONE are a huge benefit to us.”

Besides featuring native media sharing, enabling all connected clients to access all files through a truly shared file system and storage, ELEMENTS ONE, providing considerable 360TB of shared storage in only in 4U, supports virtually all protocols, operating systems and non-linear editing applications, allowing for an easy and flexible setup. In addition, ELEMENTS ONE simplifies and enhances every workflow by providing a full package of web-based workflow enhancement and management tools and features, like a Media Library with an embedded editing tool.
About Framestore
Framestore is an Oscar-winning visual effects company and the UK’s leading authority on stereoscopic 3D. Framestore uses innovative talent and technology to create hi-end images for every platform. In addition to working for Hollywood studios, advertisers, ad agencies, production and gaming companies, Framestore also generates its own paid-for content: eg – VFX in Your Pocket and Polar Peril.
ELEMENTS provides high-performance media storage solutions for the post production and broadcast industry, developed for video professionals by media and broadcast experts. Originally a supplier of high-end turnkey solutions and support for the media and broadcast industry, the German solution designers and system engineers at syslink GmbH leveraged their vast knowledge and expertise to develop ELEMENTS, a line of dedicated products specifically designed for the media and broadcast industry. Besides being extremely efficient and delivering excellent performance, ELEMENTS’ StorNext-based products provide a truly unique benefit: native project and media sharing capabilities, including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, and many other non-linear editing and VFX applications. This contributes significantly to simplify and enhance collaboration while easily incorporating time-saving workflow processes at the customer’s facility. ELEMENTS has earned a reputation as a provider of exceptionally customer-favorable solutions that are easily maintained and managed and extremely versatile and adaptable.

About XTFX Limited
XTFX was set up in March 2004 to supply applications and hardware solutions within a framework of sales consultancy/support services to the Broadcast/Film & Video Post-Production industry. XTFX has assembled a portfolio of products and services targeted at addressing the increasing movement towards a non-proprietary resolution independent data oriented IT based infrastructure. XTFX has at its disposal a core of expertise that stems from key individuals who have extensive experience working for and with various manufacturers such as Autodesk (formerly Discreet), Quantel and Avid/Softimage to name a few. Our technical expertise covers various OS/networking technologies such as Unix, Linux, Wintel/SQL, OSX, together with hardware experience with SAN, NAS, Servers, Storage, Disaster Recovery & Data Archiving/HSM solutions. All of these products are supplied together with a comprehensive range of support, data systems design, consultancy and integration options.

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