WorldCast Launches All-in-One DAB/FM Test and Measurement Device


WorldCast Systems, a leading global supplier of radio broadcast solutions, is launching the Audemat MC6, the most comprehensive and versatile test and measurement solution available for DAB and/or FM. Designed to help broadcasters, operators, and regulation authorities, it ensures the best radio service is being offered to listeners while respecting all FM and DAB regulations.

Building upon the high accuracy and the expertise of the renowned Audemat FM MC5 for FM measurement, this new product offers more advanced features and covers both DAB and FM signals – thereby meeting the needs of a wider range of users. It also draws from the company’s expertise in DAB with its award-winning Audemat DAB Probe for QoS/QoE monitoring.

The Audemat MC6 has been built to provide users with a comprehensive, multi-technology solution for mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis. The device includes multi-DAB measurement capabilities with two receivers and additional multi-FM receivers, further cementing its position as the most complete solution in its category.

It is compact in size, fitting into a shoulder bag, and is robustly constructed and designed to withstand rigorous use in various field conditions. Including DAB/FM drive tests, the option for GoldenEar for mathematical and objective quality ratings of DAB and FM signals during the drive tests, and DAB/FM commissioning, the Audemat MC6 ensures precise and versatile signal measurement. Its fully digital, high-accuracy measurement capabilities deliver dependable data for quality broadcasting.

The platform also incorporates a user-customizable feature that enables automatic measurement reports, reducing the workload on operators and increasing efficiency. As networks grow, the Audemat MC6 can be easily scaled to accommodate this expansion, highlighting its long-term utility. The Audemat MC6 also comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface, facilitating an intuitive experience for operators.

“With the Audemat MC6, we have expanded our existing technology base, drawing on our extensive experience in FM and DAB technologies to deliver further innovation for users,” commented Gregory Mercier, Director of Product Marketing. “Our goal is to provide a complete test and measurement solution that delivers comprehensive data while ensuring ease of use and mobility for our customers. The Audemat MC6 is a testament to WorldCast’s commitment to continuously improve in line with the changing needs of the global broadcast industry.”

The new Audemat MC6 will be available for delivery by the end of 2023. All pre-orders benefit from a discount of up to 20%. Showcasing at IBC for the first time – discover at booth 8.C58.


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WorldCast Systems engineers high-performing, reliable and innovative broadcast solutions to the radio industry worldwide, meeting the needs of both large broadcast networks and community stations. Its industry leading brands include APT, Ecreso, Audemat, and Kybio with an extensive offer including audio/MPX codecs, virtualized solutions, FM transmitters, sound processing, RDS broadcast, DAB/FM signal monitoring, test and measurement, as well as network management. WorldCast Systems is a part of WorldCast Group. Headquartered in Bordeaux, France with a subsidiary in the US, as well as representatives and distributors worldwide, the group generates more than 85% of its turnover internationally. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube. Press contact: Chantal Fourgeaud, Director of Marketing Communications, [email protected]

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