Wrapping-up the Gov’t Expo in Time for Xmas

Christmas came and went early this year in our nation’s capital. The Government Video Expo 2014 just finished-up a couple hours ago, and it was the most fun I’ve had on a Thursday so far this year! It offered us a preview of the latest video gear, and was the largest event of its kind in DC. Products, seminars, it had it all.

The Next|Video Conference @ GV Expo was a big hit. Attendees were treated to two days of high-tech knowledge. AV Tech/Collaborative Environments, Enterprise Media, Streaming Technology, all that – and so much more. Keynote speaker Loren Hudziak gave us informative, timely, and pertinent information with his speech: “Is Your Data Safer in the Cloud?” Cost and security concerns were addressed and we got a comprehensive look at just what’s available up in those clouds. Mr Hudziak is a Google Solutions Architect and has been in the IT industry for 17 years with a BS and MS degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from American University. Not only was the keynote luncheon tasty, but it included a networking roundtable reception, as well.

1The Canon EOS C100 Mark II Cinema EOS Camera was a big hit at the show – just out this month and sales were brisk. There is a good reason for that, of course, it’s a Canon! With Dual Pixel CMOS AF, continuous autofocus, MP4 recording, an additional microphone, The EVF is now almost twice the size and now includes a tilt feature, and resolution has been increased. Canon just keeps making things better; upgrades abound on the Mark II. This camera is just packed with alluring features like an ISO range from 320 to 102,400, a DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, 15 assignable function buttons and much much more. “It’s a big draw for us,” said Charles Westfall, technical advisor at Canon U.S.A. Inc.

Cobalt Digital returned to the show this year with their Quint-Split Multi-Image Display Processor BBG-1070-QS. The 1070 combines five inputs2 (3G/HD/SD-SDI or CVBS) onto a single output (3G/HD/SD-SDI). The layouts are supremely flexible (customizable) 1-button templates. Scalable formats on the multi-viewer output allow such advanced graphics functions as audio meter bars, reticules, tally/UMD, user identified text, PiP input video format, and more. An audio-imbedded HDMI output feeds to the unit’s monitor. GPIO allows direct input routing control and status monitoring and DashBoard remote control allows easy centralized control and monitoring access. The unit’s compact size allows three to fit in 1RU of rack space.

There were over 170 exhibitors, with hundreds of cutting-edge products and we just don’t have the space and time to give each one the full time and treatment they deserve. I, for one, can’t wait to see what next year’s conference will bring. This year’s offering had more tech and information than I could cram into my brain in only 4-days. Make sure to check out next year’s Government Video Expo – its way more fun than 4 days in congress. At the end of it all their where a few notable awards that went out…

The results are in! Government Video Announces 2014 Salute Award Winners (drumroll…)

Altinex Muse IP+ HDMI and Power Extension System send power and signal down the same Cat-5e/6 cable. Your technicians will love it.

CobaltDigital “Quint-Split” multiviewer product See? I told you it was neat…

Evertz “VScribe” capture, tag and playout system” It’s like a discount version of the Evertz DreamCatcher replay system, it has many of the features, but at a substantial reduction in cost.

Fujifilm “Dternity” storage and archiving solution” This non-proprietary archiving system allows users to store unconverted & unwrapped files without the hassle of loading software. Its LTO tape-based storage for your files that, if desired, will also make a Fujifilm Dternity Media Cloud for added safety and redundancy.

Ikan “Piatto series of LED lighting devices” These LED edge-lit lighting instruments supply soft and even light for your production work. They come in round or rectangular varieties and can be run on standard cameras batteries.

JVC GY-HM200/170 4K Camera Series — a lot of 4K camcorder with professional features at a price that will make your budget happy. It also has a younger brother, the GY-HM170 that is even cheaper if you don’t need the XLR inputs and streaming capability.

Lynx “Television and Data Network” What’s that coming-in on the shared CAT-5/6 data cable? Up to 210 channels of HDTV and Internet, at half the usual installation cost.

Matrox Monarch HD Streaming and Recording Appliance broadcast quality streaming while recording at the same time! High quality for a price that will make your accountants happy, and its all in a small neat package!

Tektronix “Cerify enterprise and cloud automated analysis system” This automated file inspector provides quality control with a powerful ally. Get a better finished product with less effort, how cool is that?

Virtual Backgrounds “DigitalProjected Background System” This sweet piece of tech lets plunk down a fixed or moving video background behind live talent without the usual problems, they can wear whatever colors they want and neither their image nor the background is adversely affected!


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