XenData Launches New High-Capacity Cloud Storage Solution

XenData Cloud ideal for disaster recovery of video assets, scales to multiple petabytes

Walnut Creek, Calif. – XenData, the global provider of digital archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, today announces XenData Cloud which provides high-capacity storage in a private cloud. XenData Cloud serves as an ideal hosted disaster recovery solution for new and existing XenData customers that have volumes of digital media assets that range from 100 TB to multiple petabytes.

To date, XenData has more than 600 customer installations that archive video assets to LTO cartridges using robotic libraries, with each customer having the ability to automatically create duplicate LTO cartridges. With XenData Cloud, customers can easily ship their duplicate cartridges to XenData’s secure datacenter, located in Nevada, USA, for hosting in the cloud, thus making their video assets available for download.

Once files are hosted in the XenData Cloud, users have quick and secure access to their media files from anywhere in the world, requiring as little as two to three minutes for files to be efficiently accessed via the Internet. Incorporating FileCatalyst‘s core transport technology, which leverages UDP (User Datagram Protocol), XenData Cloud enables accelerated file transfers that make full use of the available bandwidth. FileCatalysts’ technology also ensures the reliable and secure delivery of the customers’ digital assets. With the integration of the FileCatalyst accelerated file transfer protocol, which is immune to the effects of latency and packet loss, XenData Cloud offers huge speed gains versus traditional file-transfer methods, allowing user transfer speeds many times faster than FTP.

With XenData Cloud, users can send their video files on LTO cartridges written in open standard TAR or the widely used LTFS exchange standard. Unlike conventional cloud storage, XenData Cloud users own not only the content, but the storage medium itself and are allotted a dedicated server and logical LTO library physically located in XenData’s secure datacenter. This allows customers to be in complete control, so if required, they can recall content by simply requesting their cartridges be shipped back to them. Unlike typical cloud storage which may take months of downloading to recover large volumes of content, this is done in a matter of days.

XenData Cloud not only reduces customer’s capital and operational costs, it also provides on-demand scalability at an affordable price – offering additional capacity costs as little as 0.5 cents per GB per month and requiring no access fees.

“This is the first of a series of cloud product offerings that we intend releasing. It is aimed at enterprise-class customers in need of a cost effective hosted disaster recovery solution,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO. “As cloud infrastructure matures globally, an increasing number of our customers are able to benefit from reasonably priced, reliable bandwidth. We will be keeping pace by adding additional functionality and services in the future.”

About XenData

XenData is a leading provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry – with typical customers being TV stations, global broadcasters, media service providers, video production and media departments within in large corporations and government organizations. XenData’s solutions range from cost-effective LTO workstation archives to multiple petabyte server systems. With over 600 digital video archive servers managing robotic libraries installed in over 50 countries worldwide, XenData is trusted by some of the largest media companies. For more information visit:

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