XenData Launches LTO-7 Network Attached Archive System

Integrated archive system provides a cost-effective network storage solution optimized for professional video applications


Walnut Creek, Calif. – XenData, the global provider of video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, today announced the launch and immediate availability of its new SXL-8 archive systems. These are based on XenData’s SX-250 archive server and an LTO-7 autoloader that holds up to 7 LTO-7 cartridges. The system attaches to a network via 1GbE or 10GbE, and manages digital content across three tiers of storage: 6 TB of disk within the server, 42 TB of near-line LTO and unlimited capacity of offline LTO cartridges.

The autoloader minimizes the need for operator intervention when compared to a system with external LTO drives. The system will automatically initialize and load blank cartridges when needed as the Archive grows, and if automatic LTO cartridge replication is selected, the system can be scheduled to update replica cartridges overnight to maximize daily workflow performance. The system will also issue email alerts and on-screen messages when operator intervention is required to exchange full LTO tapes for new blank cartridges, or to import an offline cartridge for file restores.

Files are presented in a standard file/folder structure that is typically shared over the network, and means that the archive appears just like a disk drive. Files are transferred to and from the archive locally by using either the standard Windows network protocol (CIFS/SMB) or FTP file transfers. In addition, the system provides an object storage interface using an XML API. These interface options mean that the system works with most media asset management and other applications used in the creative video industry. Software modules are available that deliver a tight integration with specific applications, including for Avid Interplay Production and for archiving Avid projects from shared edit storage. Alternatively, video files may be archived and restored manually to a file-folder structure using Windows Explorer or FTP utilities.

The SXL-8 systems write to either 6 TB LTO-7 or 2.5 TB LTO-6 cartridges using the LTFS exchange format or the open standard TAR format. LTO cartridges provide highly reliable storage with archival lifetimes of 30 years.

The SXL-8 is intended for mounting in a 19 inch rack, taking only 2RU of rack space. Options include addition of 10 GbE Ethernet ports and fibre channel ports for connection to a SAN. The base system includes USB 3.0 ports, which are ideal for connecting USB disk drives as sources for archiving content to LTO.

Priced from $15,880, the SXL-8 is an economical approach to managing large digital archives that can scale to many petabytes of offline content.

About XenData

 XenData is a global provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry – with typical customers being TV stations, video production companies, post-production organizations and the media departments of large corporations and government organizations. XenData’s solutions range from cost-effective LTO workstation archives to multiple petabyte server systems. XenData archive servers have a network attached storage (NAS) architecture and are compatible with a broad range of third party media applications. They can be accessed via a standard file-folder structure or as object storage via an XML API, providing the high performance and functionality required to meet today and tomorrow’s demanding digital video applications. With over 600 digital video archive servers managing robotic LTO and Optical Disc Archive libraries installed in over 50 countries worldwide, XenData is trusted by some of the largest media companies. For more information visit:

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